Quit Entrepreneurship Based on science and technology project guy after 80 entrepreneurial dream rou

after 80 guy Xie Wenjun from the University of the time to start a part-time job, after a job search, entrepreneurial failure and confusion after the chase, he stood up again, and finally a round of entrepreneurial dream.

"photovoltaic panel automatic cleaning machine efficiency than manual high-pressure water washing panels to 1 times, walking in the array of photovoltaic panels, cleaning panels 4 – 4.5 MW per day, it is time-saving, this is just from the company introduced the most advanced equipment." Xie Wenjun, general manager of Xining poly innovation energy technology Co., ltd..

And now

at the University, Xie Wenjun will emerge, showing the potential of doing business. Then, in order to solve the students from the campus to the city transportation problem, he played in the vicinity of a few rent ability and cleverness, bus, car, start the campus campus tourism business, to earn his first pot of gold in life.

"since 12th Five-Year", the provincial government on the plateau, in the protection of the ecological environment of the plateau have the whole world in view, and promote the process of economic development, the establishment of the solar photovoltaic industry as a breakthrough in the two win-win idea. Xie Wenjun think, solar energy resources in Qinghai be richly endowed by nature, together with the government’s strong support, the development of solar energy industry will have a lot of space, then, relying on the solar energy industry service industry will have a rare opportunity.

"dare to think, dare to do, all things must be put into action." Xie Wenjun said. In this way, he resolutely resigned from the stable work, with only 8000 yuan savings, embarked on the road of their own business. He went to Golmud, Beijing, Shandong, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia and other places to visit, and access to the Internet to collect new energy (clean energy recommended)

Zheng Qingkai hot pot shop business is very good

there are so many college students are starting their own businesses, many of which are successful entrepreneurs, can learn a lot of valuable experience in their body, today we bring is a college student, their own business tower opened a Hot pot shop, the business is very hot, successful rich.

2009, Zheng Qing college entrance examination scores from Hebei, Handan is 524 points, just stepped on the local two scores, and ultimately he was admitted to the Wuchang Institute of technology. Zheng Qing was born in the countryside, the family circumstances are poor, and a half tuition are rely on student loans and a borrowed. To this end, he decided to carry out entrepreneurial self-reliance in his dream, he loves to do business on the one hand is because of their own interests, on the other hand is to change the poverty.

into the sophomore, he chose to continue the fruit trade. In contrast to previous experience, he decided not to go to the wholesale fruit market, in turn to purchase from the orchard. A one-time purchase of thousands of pounds of fruit, put in the bedroom is not a permanent solution, finally he near the school rented a house used as a warehouse, his fruit market has become open. He is mainly in Wuchang Institute of science and technology, Career Technical College and other colleges and universities in the Yangtze River sales, there is a purchase of 2500 pounds, Yu Tian on the sale of the recommended 10

Cosmetics store store decoration needs

cosmetics store store decoration needs? With the development of the cosmetics market, won many franchisees attention in the market, and vigorously promote the spirit of these years, many investors concerned, let us come to understand, choose cosmetics stores what do we do?

because popularity is not high, so the cosmetics brand newly opened stores to propaganda efforts. The cosmetics brand newly opened stores opened at the beginning should first examine the cosmetics brand stores adjacent the same project price, then in order to hold free trial, half price concessions, send additional projects and other activities, and through the store posted or sent leaflets and other forms of potential consumers know that.

in cosmetics brand stores, should fully pay attention to store promotion. To do this requires the owners to make reasonable arrangements in the actual process. When the store promotion, but also should pay attention to a lot of details on the place, which also requires the owner of the cosmetics brand stores in the shop when the attention. For cosmetics brand franchise investors, as long as the grasp of the above content, you want to succeed in the cosmetics brand franchise is not difficult.

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Set up a reasonable position to retain more customers

almost every shop will have a cashier, and because the owner’s business ideas are different, the location of the cashier will be different. And there are a lot of places in the setting of the position of the bank is not reasonable, although it seems to have little effect, but in fact this effect is implicit in the customer’s psychology can be reflected.

once, I went to the bakery to buy bread, his cashier position is arranged at the inside of the store, to pay the cashier after I bought bread, and then leave. However, there is a bakery, his cashier at the door when I bought bread, you can directly go to the door and leave this. This will take a lot of detours. So I don’t want to go to the first bakery to buy bread. I think the second can make me feel comfortable, this is the scientific and reasonable set the position of the importance of cash register.

in my supermarket, the cashier is set at the door, so there are many benefits. Firstly, the convenience of customers, the customer carry a lot of things, in the entrance to the money can leave, or carry a lot of things have to walk around in the supermarket, not only is our customers will feel tired, the owner will feel uncomfortable, in addition the supermarket space is relatively small, the development of customer more It is without rhyme or reason. detours is not conducive to the supermarket.

in addition, the cashier set at the door, you can enter the door when the customer, and the customer Hello, enhance mutual affection. Again, the cashier set at the door can also be timely to understand the situation in front of the supermarket, easy to operate scientifically. Because of the reasonable location of my cashier, I have a lot of repeat customers.

so, want the cashier can store to increase sales of higher product, create more profits, not only do the cashier display of goods, but also need to set up the cashier position, so as to get the recognition of consumers, and retain more customers, get back a lot of passengers.

What are the characteristics of the shop name method

Although the

for each of the entrepreneurs, the shop name is a very important work, however, want to have a good name, it is not a simple thing, which is plagued by numerous investors problems. In fact, as long as we can grasp some of the characteristics of the method, shop name will not be difficult. So, what are the characteristics of the shop name method?

the first point to hold the celebrity thigh

there is a saying "one win, this is the secret of heaven", make full use of the popularity of the celebrity, started their own gold card. However, in the name of the celebrity to be noted when the transformation, whether in line with the location of the store, reflecting the characteristics of the shop, otherwise it would be a bit offensive.

There was a small restaurant called "guest Pro Dayton" — I do not know now is not food has changed its name called "

Chengdu dressed temple under the overpass".

Beijing, a street in Huilongguan, a restaurant called "Sun Wufan" – perhaps someone rushed to ask, "dragon ball?"

Chengdu has a restaurant, hung a red dot card, "this is a meal" – suitable for Korean restaurant.

a steamed stuffed bun shop called "Mo smell" – why not smell? Baozi smell?

a Wenzhou rice monopoly shop, called "rice · Kirsten." — this name has been the local media as the most creative name. It’s a chain store.

sells a halogen products shop, famous "halogen deep" – style!

second until

dull remarks

this name shows the broad and profound Chinese characters mostly use homophonic and polyphonic, and give people at the hearing on a strong stimulus.

Chengdu has a western restaurant, the name is "no hunger, no seat" – this is not a crime.

home selling tea shop called "Well tea bureau" — suggestions to open in the "no hungry not to sit next to a deterrent.

has passed a snack shop, called "diners Gallery" — a glance see nothing, heart meditation again, "oh my God, but if the business is good.

good food "– the very personality of the hotel, do not know many people who have a meal.

Nanshan, Chongqing has a hot pot restaurant, the name is very popular "pigsty hot pot". The place is really like a pigsty, but it’s strange that business is not

You better business management

is also a shop to do business, some shopkeepers like to haggle over, but can not make any money, and some shopkeepers are willing to consider from the customer’s point of view, to earn profits but more lucrative. Although Li autumn is also very powerful, can be diminished, the temperature is 35, 36 degrees, barbecue mode continues, big morning sweat like column, like the sun at noon under fire, I dare not go out. Today is the market day, people go to the market early on came to buy cigarettes, the sky was blue, a cloud of slag are not, a look at the sky, I know today is not a good day. One after another, someone came to buy water to drink, to buy ice cream to eat, called "hot dead".

I played in the shop air conditioning, so that people go to the market, into the shop cool for a while. The hot weather is good for US retailers, hot days, store water and ice to sell quickly, and with the summer, many children, while a box of ice cream will go down a lot, my heart.

is an old woman led a girl standing at the door, the old lady said: "girl, my child is ill just, not to drink unboiled water, can you give us some water to drink?" "Yes, I’ll give you water with a paper cup." I entered the room, took out his aunt and each girl to pour a cup of cool for a while, let them into the store. She took the paper cup and said: "thank you, and we do not buy things, in which way to move feet, to a cup of water is good, cool and feel shy." "The store wide fast, no matter, cool for a while, then go drinking water." "This girl is really good."

more and more people go to the market, I am busy with business. She had said; "girl, this is my own kind of mung bean, give you hands, this is small mung bean mung bean, mung bean than in the supermarket to eat, but also to cooked, summer boil mung bean soup and cooling." "How can this be? So expensive mung bean, you still get back to drink."

I quickly put down the matter, holding the aunt’s hand. Aunt anxious: "you too few or too dirty." "Not! That’s not the case…… Good mung bean 6 yuan a pound, so expensive things." I let go. "Their own kind of drink, and then do not sell expensive, take it." I do not say anything, holding the aunt to the mung bean, especially grateful. I give her the money she also does not want, how simple the old man.

"this color is really good, is just down the new mung bean, mung bean soup must be good." Right! Today, such a hot day, kindly aunt gave me the mung bean, why don’t I let you boil mung bean taste, it might turn popularity. I add the rice cooker full of water, Amoy good mung bean, plug in the electricity will not have to tube. After more than an hour, mung bean soup cooked, pour in a stainless steel bowl, put in front of the sun umbrella on the table of the goods receipt, to boil mung bean soup on top of cool, add a few disposable cups, let people go to the market and the way.

Authentic Tujia dregs cake to join what are the advantages of

2017 do you want to start a successful business? Entrepreneurial choice to join the food market, is a very profitable market. So, what kind of project is worth joining us? How about the Tujia dregs cake? Has the characteristic food, has the rich opportunity choice!

want to learn authentic Tujia dregs cake? Linyi soup chef to head office is your preferred learning.

Tujia dregs snacks Clay oven rolls swept up in the street next to the shop every day to buy bread and can see because of long queues of people. The fast pace of life in the city to see such a scene can not help but feeling the charm of the big cake dregs. Clay oven rolls "originated in Hubei Tujia dregs of Enshi Tujia, known as the" Chinese pizza` reputation".

authentic Tujia dregs seasoning varieties, Clay oven rolls in taste and fragrance all the way across can smell, but the taste is generally not food, we remind people of fresh. Pork flavor Clay oven rolls, cattle and sheep meat, making its appearance and has its own style, more people started to taste the desire. Yellow skin with minced meat, fatty bubbling, in the range of tens of meters can smell incense.

to join the study soil dregs cake dregs cake, have professional teachers to teach the dregs of the earth surface, and the cake recipe, including cake, sauce, sauce, baked brush and other practices, hands-on teaching, one-on-one training, let you hands-on learning, teacher guidance, ensure you learn real practice.

How about

Tujia dregs cake? Not only has a very high popularity, but is still very popular with consumers. The choice of business to join the Tujia dregs cake project, no doubt, is a very wise choice. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

Self experience museum experience sought after

talking about self time, people are very familiar with, however, the general self timer is to take their own cell phone shooting, but in the current era of the development process, the self museum began to come out. In the contemporary city, the self timer is becoming an important part of the people’s entertainment life, more and more people have a special liking for this kind of freedom with the camera. In this trend, the self Museum came into being, and loved by young people.

current, daily since the camera has quickly captured a variety of social platforms, but not too many people have experienced the self museum. Have to take art as experience people will have such experience: the cameraman does not stop backseat driver beside, although to the direction of the camera pose and expression is to shoot better photos, but because of the relationship between facial expression and strange, easy action is not natural, awkward, and photograph after modification of powerful PS software, while the beautiful but may be distorted.

to understand the magic of the self Museum, I visited the Beijing City, a self museum. This area in the self Museum, although not large, but the five internal organs. The two rooms are numerous clothing and accessories, the cute cartoon wind, wind, wind, wind, beautiful romantic military retro style clothes Goods are available in all varieties. can also bring their own customers, clothing props to take pictures. In the customer taking place, professional SLR camera, lighting, background has been adjusted, you can start the self timer.

it is worth mentioning that the museum is a very private space to take pictures, no strangers present. In the author’s visit, the two girls are taking pictures, the house came from time to time bursts of laughter. The boss told the author: sometimes the company’s annual meeting, or personal birthday party will be in the self museum." Different from the professional photo studio, the self Museum has become a place for leisure and entertainment.

self Museum in Wuhan, Mr. Tang told the author, mostly from the 80, 90, after 90, they are generally girlfriends, lovers, but also shoot the mother and child, and occasionally to shoot alone. Photo in addition to taking pictures, but also provide coffee and other drinks, customers can sell together in front of the camera can be adorable funny, leisurely chat with peers in the nest, on a talk, share the good times.

in the self Museum, the camera poses and expressions do not have to follow the requirements of professional photographers, completely free to play, unconstrained, unconstrained. "Many young people choose to take pictures from the museum because of the free atmosphere."

in addition, the self Museum allows customers to do a return to their photographer, the whole process of their own customers DIY art. For example, clothing and props themselves to match, makeup to their own, take pictures to design their own posture. The process of photography allows consumers to experience the joy and a sense of achievement DIY. "The shape of their own design, whether it is beautiful or ugly, they feel very recommended

The correct assessment of entrepreneurial plan more worry

a lot of people who want to start, but in order to successfully achieve the entrepreneurial dream, must be steady. For entrepreneurs, first of all to recognize themselves, understand the situation, the correct assessment of their business plan, so as to achieve a sense of the road to be more successful.

how to determine the suitable business industry, you can exchange the first and some successful entrepreneurs, and then determine the direction and goals of your business. Let’s evaluate whether or not our business plan is feasible.

1, can you write down your business ideas and business plans? You should be able to describe your ideas in very few words. According to the experience of many years of successful entrepreneurs, the reason why you can’t turn this idea into your own language is also a warning that you haven’t thought about it yet!

2, have you ever seen anyone use this method? In general, some of the entrepreneurial success of large companies are more realistic than those special ideas. Experienced entrepreneurs in the popular such a famous saying: "not yet been implemented good ideas may not be implemented."

3, do you really know what you’re doing? Many industries are required to choose to engage in this industry, and to understand all aspects of the industry. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time and energy to investigate such issues as price, sales, management fees, industry standards, competitive advantage, etc..

4, do your ideas stand the test of time? When a plan for a future entrepreneur is really implemented, he will be excited. But after a week, a month or even six months later, what will happen? Is it so exciting? Or have a different idea to replace it.

5, do you have a good network resources? The process of starting a business is, in fact, the process of an organization, such as suppliers, contractors, consultants and employees. In order to find the right person, you should have a personal network that serves you. Otherwise, you might fall into unreliable or just those people.

6, do you think for yourself or for others? Have you worked out a long term business plan and a long term development plan, do you dedicate yourself to the implementation of the plan?

7, understand what is the potential return? The main purpose of every person to invest in a business is to earn the most money. However, in the idea of becoming rich as soon as possible is not implied in the money. You also have to consider the potential rewards of achievement, love, and value. If you are not aware of this, you must re –

Fujian history of the most stringent environmental inspectors open

adhere to the sustainable economic development, environmental protection work is necessary to do a good job. But in the face of the current situation, many places are still not implemented. Therefore, the environmental protection work is imperative. According to the provincial government to deploy, starting this year, the province will be about two years to the province’s cities and districts and Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area Party committee, government and its relevant departments to conduct a round of environmental inspectors.

28, the Provincial Government Environmental Protection Inspectorate in Longyan to start the history of the most stringent environmental inspectors. In addition to Longyan, the city’s first district inspectors this year, as well as Quanzhou, Ningde.

according to reports, the environmental inspectors led by the province of ecological civilization construction leading group, the relevant provincial departments and provincial supervision room, the provincial government supervises the room, running in performance; groups of inspectors on behalf of the provincial government to carry out the work, specification efforts.

what is the focus of the work of the high standards of environmental protection inspectors? Groups of inspectors responsible person, environmental inspectors will adhere to the problem oriented, in-depth research, to promote the implementation of environmental protection party with responsibility, a pair of responsibility as the focus, focus on 6 aspects:

launches inspector

one is the implementation of national and provincial environmental protection decision-making deployment, especially the state and the province’s environmental protection plan, planning, implementation of important policies and measures;

two is the implementation of environmental responsibility, in particular, the local party and government leaders in the environmental responsibility of the book, the implementation of environmental protection work of the Department;

three is the improvement of the quality of the environment, especially in our province "13th Five-Year" special plan for the construction of ecological province down to various departments throughout the task progress and completion;

four is an important task of ecological province and environmental protection;

five is a prominent environmental issues to deal with; the six is the implementation of environmental inspectors rectification requirements. In addition, the specific inspectors may be necessary to supplement and optimize.

in order to improve the quality of the environment, the inspector will highlight the problem oriented, problems have been found on great efforts, the real thing, not as a mere formality, will collect basic problems of local environmental protection, increase handling complaints, collect the NPC and the CPPCC and the opinions of the masses and other channels to ensure strict supervision and examination, really changed.

"for the party in power, to ensure the quality of the environment for the benefit of one party, only good, not bad." Groups of inspectors responsible person said that the environmental protection inspector, it is important to realize the transformation from "supervision enterprises" to "Duzheng" environmental protection, the purpose is to let the local government become the main force and core strength to improve the environment, really good "Shou Shan Ren, optimistic about the" responsibility fields".

Suzhou Jinlong car does not meet the reporting conditions were fined 260 million yuan

car in the current market is particularly popular, with the improvement of the level of consumption, in life, many people have become a car owners, Jinlong car is a familiar car brand. Jinlong car November 28th evening announcement, company owned subsidiary of United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou dragon") received in November 25th the Ministry of Finance issued the "Ministry of finance decision of administrative punishment" and "the Ministry of Finance on United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. decided to processing special inspection of the application of new energy the car subsidy funds".

according to the "book" and "decision" decision, from February 2016 to March, the Ministry of finance to organize inspection groups to carry out a special inspection of Suzhou Jinlong Company from 2013 to 2015 to promote the application of new energy automobile management and use of grant funds. The main problems are as follows:

As of

date of inspection, the new energy vehicles in Suzhou Jinlong Company to declare 2015 the year of the central financial subsidy funds, there are 1683 cars by the end of 2015 has not yet completed, but early in 2015 for a motor vehicle driving license, do not meet the reporting conditions, involving the central financial subsidies 519 million 210 thousand yuan.

Ministry of Finance decided to Suzhou Jinlong Company made 50% of the amount of illegal violations punishable by a fine of $259 million 605 thousand administrative penalty. Suzhou Jinlong Company within 15 days from the date of receipt of the penalty decision will be fined 259 million 605 thousand yuan paid to the central treasury. If a fine is not paid at the end of the day, a fine of 3% of the fine shall be imposed on a daily basis.

at the same time, the Ministry of Finance decided to recover the Suzhou Jinlong Company in 2015 the central government earmarked 519 million 210 thousand yuan of funds, the funds will be deducted in the year 2015 funds in the process of liquidation; cancel Suzhou Jinlong Company central financial subsidy qualification from 2016 onwards. Suzhou Jinlong Company 2015 annual central subsidy funds will be liquidated after paying a fine according to the procedure. Suzhou Jinlong Company should conscientiously implement the rectification of the problems found, after the completion of the rectification and acceptance by the four ministries, you can restore the Suzhou golden dragon company’s central financial subsidy eligibility.

One of the things on

in the process of economic development is also difficult to avoid, but this is a fine car company also gave Li Jinlong a lesson. Jinlong automobile said, after careful consideration, Suzhou Jinlong Company intends to accept the decision of the Ministry of Finance and decision processing. Suzhou Jinlong Company will be in accordance with the requirements of the penalty decision on time to pay a fine, for the Suzhou Golden Dragon Company 2015 annual central subsidy funds can be implemented as soon as possible liquidation. Suzhou Jinlong Company will be in accordance with the decision to deal with the requirements of the rectification, and actively cooperate with the rectification of the inspection, as soon as possible to restore the central financial aid eligibility.

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The establishment of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications students double center

university is an important support of entrepreneurship students, many colleges and universities to establish a platform for the majority of teachers and students of innovation and entrepreneurship, provide a number of public service, to realize the allocation of entrepreneurial resources, to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship of University students.

11 10 days, reporters learned from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, cyit Center for innovation and entrepreneurship students before the date of opening. Currently, the first batch of 40 college students have settled in innovation and entrepreneurship center.

"create a center for innovation and entrepreneurship in the school, the purpose is to provide a low cost innovation and facilitation, all elements, open business integrated service platform for university teachers and students, providing online, incubation and investment combination for their services." Innovation and entrepreneurship center relevant responsible person said, will provide zero rent premises to comply with the conditions of the start-up, and provide free policy consulting, entrepreneurship training, project evaluation, business planning, marketing and service support. Integration of all resources for innovation and entrepreneurship incubator project to solve the problem of funding, research and development, market development, business management, improve the success rate of college teachers and students, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

"around cyit subject advantages and characteristics, we will focus on network communications, advanced manufacturing, networking, cloud computing and other fields of hatch market prospects for innovation and entrepreneurship projects." The official said.

For example, cyit

cyit did not open business platform services, but to the school focus on the professional disciplines for infrastructure projects, and guide students to use the knowledge to create a career, helps students to establish a correct concept of entrepreneurship entrepreneurs, to the most effective way of business.

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Baby swimming pool ten brands list

let the children learn to swim, the child’s growth has a very big help, because of this, in the current economic conditions, many families have a baby swimming pool. However, after all, is to serve the children, people will naturally choose a higher brand awareness. If you also want to choose the industry better products, may wish to refer to the baby swimming pool compiled by the top ten brands list.

baby swimming pool ten brand list NO.1, Mambo fish house baby swimming: committed to product development and promotion, industry famous brand, Chinese famous women and children supplies procurement designated brands, Hangzhou Mambo fish trade Co. ltd..

baby swimming pool ten brands list NO.2, Intime Intime: Sino foreign joint venture enterprise, specializing in the production of PVC film, PVC artificial leather and PVC film processing products / inflatable toys series products, Shanghai Intime Plastic Co. ltd..

baby swimming pool ten brand list NO.3, Dr. Ma: in 2004, the domestic most professional infant swimming products R & D, production and sales enterprises, industry famous brand, Beijing beitebao science and Technology Co Ltd.

baby swimming pool ten brands list NO.4, sea rain: founded in 1998, the infant swimming pool national toy standard drafting unit, Shenzhen Toy Industry Association vice president of units, Shenzhen City duo source plastic products co..

baby swimming pool ten brand rankings, NO.5 Mambary Mambary: founded in 1991, the main development and production of high-end outdoor products and inflatable toys, belonging to the Far Eastern Group Hongkong Hongtai, Guangzhou Mambary leisure products co..

baby swimming pool ten brands list NO.6, less finesse: in 2003, high-end brands of baby swimming therapy industry’s leading industry famous brand, national patent certification brand, Guangzhou yingyongbaobei Trading Co. ltd..

baby swimming pool ten brand list, NO.7 century spring health baby products leader, infant swimming pool industry leading brands, to high-quality products market, large enterprise groups, Zhejiang Spring Industrial Group Co. ltd..

baby swimming pool ten brands list, NO.8 hot baby: committed to PVC inflatable toys and baby pool of R & D and production enterprises, well-known brand baby swimming pool, Dongguan Sheng Fa Li plastic toys Products Co. ltd..

baby swimming pool ten brand list NO.9, dolphin: in 1956 in Japan, focusing on home, maternal and child series, health care pillow / baby swimming pool leading brand

Listen to Huang Mingming about his entrepreneurial experience

Huang Mingming heard the name, the layman may not be aware of his origins, and people will know, he is the founder of Ming potential capital, he had been a residence in a foreign country, in 2005 after returning home, attended the first session of the general assembly owners.

this is a later many people talked about the party guests, Cai Wensheng, Yao Jinbo, Wu Xin Hong, Huang Yimeng and many other young "stationmaster", have become very influential on the entrepreneurial star. That year, Huang Mingming had just returned to him, when the participants in Western dress and leather shoes tie, in the middle of a group of owners is particularly conspicuous in T-shirts slippers. On the other side, a man who was dressed as he was selling his new office software, Lei Jun.


of this Congress ten years later, some people in this group that has become worth billions of dollars in the founder, some already obliterate all. The Internet industry for three years, five years of a wave, Huang Mingming has also been coerced them. He was invited to join the board of directors in 2007 by Lei Jun, the same year the angel invested in Li Xiang’s car home. After a few years, they have become the main LP potential capital. He also participated in the creation of 265 site navigation, Internet Express, cool disk and other projects, and some were acquired in the end.

Huang Mingming does not shy away from his past failures and successes. In accordance with the current popular saying, in this venture, Huang Mingming did not become too big. But in the new round of venture capital coming, he caught the angel investment in this solitary raft, which became one of the most skilled, and most likely to successfully landed.


The opposite of

, two years, when more and more capital and began to play the potential to reshape the entire industry rules, his angel investment performance is particularly brisk, Ming potential capital has gradually become one of the highly recognized angel investment institutions.

2015 June, Dallas electric conference held as scheduled in Beijing 798 Art District, the Beijing near the high temperature of 30 DEG C, the sultry, stood in the middle of the stage Li Yinan nervously, did not open, has been playing through half sweat shirt.

many people regard this as Li Yinan’s personal comeback show. Prior to this, Li Yinan’s micro-blog has not been updated for 850 days, a few days later, his birthday is at the age of 45. Everyone can feel the tension of the former HUAWEI and marshal.

long time no see. I’ve been working on it for years. Many of my friends may not know me, and many people have forgotten me."

finished saying this sentence, Huang Mingming and all the people together for the scene of the Li Yijian

How to open early education center

how to open early education center? This is a common question many novice investors. If you want to seize the opportunity to become rich in the education sector, how should we start investing? Xiao Bian today to share some practical experience, I hope you can learn novice.

Cost of

except jiamengfei and decoration, equipment, teaching aids, rent, now, we are in Zhengzhou to open a 200 square meters of the center as an example, because Zhengzhou is the two city level, then the initial investment are:

jiamengfei: general to 12–18 million

the cost: 1 square meters to 500–600 yuan

then the cost of late, there are three main pieces:

this is basically a level two city opened a development center to count the money, of course, is a city according to different levels, and the size of stores, the cost will be different. There are differences between the various early education center, recommended

When is the peak of the adult stores trading

people once a mention as mentioned what terrible things, things are different now, people’s attitude to sex is more open, people are no longer exclusive of supplies, Adult supplies stores began to increase, many investors will also own the first pot of gold on the open shop on the adult. For investors, the need to open an adult store business hours. So when is the peak point of the adult stores trading? Mainly in the following time period.

The first is

The second is the afternoon between

The three stage is

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How to purchase online shop

now belongs to a network era of entrepreneurship, at the same time, the society also appeared a lot of different network entrepreneurs, when entrepreneurial activities in the online, open shop is a very good industry, but in the process of open shop should strictly grasp the purchase this off.

A firm belief,

if you know that you are not 3 minutes, if others in the online shop to earn a lot of money, you suddenly want to open a store in the online play, if you are afraid of tired, I suggest you do not spend unnecessary money, if you will, to eat ready to suffer, so please continue to watch it.

two, clear oneself want what to sell

1, make sure you want to open what kind of shop after the decision of the shop, what to sell goods, don’t look at the others that sell well, also follow to purchase, it is best to lock a theme, buy electronic products don’t have to buy clothes, selling clothes don’t sell what food… All roads lead to Rome, what can be sold (of course, there are losses)

2, the Internet search, to see what is popular on the Internet. Large demand (of course, many people sell, but China has more than a billion people, how large the customer)

3, if you are a novice. Not sure, then I suggest you do their own familiar with the interest, such as my personal favorite dress, have their own style of dress and vision, so I do is clothing, but also a little jewelry what

three, the stability of the price advantage of the source

determine what to sell, to find sources, one is the agent, one is to purchase each have advantages and disadvantages, low risk agent, not afraid of goods, but the goods directly to the customer, you do not know the quality of the guests in consultation with you when you have to get information through your agent, the price also has *, I own to the wholesale market purchase, take clothing purchase for example

1, seeing the money not just started a few days early in the morning I will (be sure to go early Oh, probably more than 8 points to 11 points this time is the peak time to purchase, to detect situation is most real, especially novice friends, want to know the price) up to clothing wholesale market look, take a few more laps, but not to purchase, because a novice, there are a lot of manners, but also fear of dirty boss kill

2, ask more, look, do not look at the fear of asking not to buy, buy it, of course, to be appropriate to buy slightly

3, multi comparison, quality and price comparison of goods, there are two cases, one is the same style but different workmanship (some original, some popular models do manual spinning very poor), another is the same quality but the price will be different, if you purchase before their good homework, is not afraid to kill.


Take you into the China Chinese willow Township in Funan County

often hear people talking about the folk master this sentence, it does not see our willow people know this is true, after their hands every piece of willow products seem vivid, it is a fine arts and crafts! See the Anhui city of Fuyang province Funan County willow worker Liu Fugui, he is holding a the root of willow, is sitting on a stool woven wicker basket. The valuables with his hand back and forth with wicker, soon, a wicker basket shape appeared.

after coloring, soaking, painting, drying, such as more than a dozen procedures, the wicker was shipped directly to foreign countries, since then, wicker and its brothers began a world tour".

is known as "China willow township" of Funan County, willow planting can be traced back thousands of years, has reached 500 years of weaving history. In 2011, Funan County Huanggang willow was included in the China intangible cultural heritage.

Anhui Huayu group Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd. chairman Wang Wenzhong Huanggang willow is a national non genetic order, he then carries 70 yuan to go out to work, now back to business driven thousands of farmers were fairly rich, the company annual sales exceeded billion yuan in the story has become a legend in the local.

Anhui Huayu group Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd. the "company + base + farmers + broker" mode of operation, driving more than 7000 local farmers engaged in willow production and processing, production of nearly 20000 kinds of products, exported to South Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Hongkong and other more than and 80 countries and regions. The company has opened a multinational Direct Selling Company in California.

Wang Wenzhong said, Funan willow after development and transformation over the years, from the traditional industrial transformation and development in order to include willow willow, grass, rattan, iron, cloth, editor, mixed willow culture industry, raw materials from the previous single osier1 development to willow, grass, bamboo, rattan, iron, tree more than and 20 a variety of sources of raw materials from the original Funan native to the Dabie Mountains in Anhui Province, Shandong, Henan and other places in mountainous areas.

Wang Wenzhong, in recent years, the company actively participate in overseas exhibitions, with the "Internet plus", based on the consolidation of existing markets, and actively explore the ASEAN, Africa and other overseas markets.

it is understood that the existing Funan County willow culture enterprise 156, 96 enterprises have export record, 2015 to achieve exports $260 million, has become the largest Chinese willow culture industry export base.

at the end of August this year, Funan County in the wood processing up to 140 thousand the number of people. According to estimates, Funan County willow culture output accounted for 35% of exports of similar products Chinese. In the development of willow industry at the same time, Fu Jian

Ningxia city center a new business model to help start business loans


area in the west of the city is valued the management activities, be regarded as a leap in development opportunities. Ningxia city center to take the lead to start a one-stop support for entrepreneurial loans to protect the small entrepreneurs innovation and development.

"business loan guarantee + commercial loans" one-stop business loans, secured loans and the business credit loans bundled, leveraged funds leveraged market mechanism as a driving force, to a greater extent to meet the financing needs of entrepreneurs, convenient simplified entrepreneurs venture financing procedures, secured loans the implementation of "one vote and credit bundled loans" one-stop service, which uses a set of loan procedures, a loan process, one-stop payment.

"business loan guarantee + commercial loans" one-stop business loans mode to start the implementation, will further support entrepreneurs to solve the financing problem, setting off a public business, the innovation of a new round of national entrepreneurship climax, give full play to business loans to support business employment multiplier effect.

the country may practice various business loans, but after all the essence is to enhance the strength of small entrepreneurs, realize the optimal allocation of social resources, so that entrepreneurs can achieve prosperity with strength.

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Tongling cohesion public space to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

in today’s society such a period of public business, for the majority of entrepreneurs to create a good business environment is a very important thing, at the same time, all over the country are actively creating a series of public record space.

Tongling solid depth three strict three special education, create a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurial innovation environment, optimization. According to the spirit of the State Council and the provincial government documents about innovation and entrepreneurship, the municipal government in the polymerization of extensive research, relevant financial policy basis, formulated to promote the development of the public record number of policy space, leading the public entrepreneurship, innovation, and innovation driven strategy to promote the development of a city.

the city money to support the public record for space construction, innovation and entrepreneurship for the public record coupons, space enterprises issuing innovative entrepreneurial innovation voucher coupons, the total annual amount of not more than 5 million yuan. Each enterprise issued coupon amount is divided into several grades of entrepreneurial innovation, use for a period of 1 years. Enterprises can use the innovation of the coupon to the designated service agencies to purchase inspection testing, technical advice, training, technology transfer, intellectual property rights, research and development design, financial consulting, legal services and other services. Support services for the public to provide various types of services to create space, each year the maximum amount of funding for each service agency up to 500 thousand yuan.

Tongling also guide the establishment of seed fund. Support for the creation of municipal public space to create seed fund for entrepreneurs and small and micro enterprises to provide loan guarantees, turnaround services, as well as the initial results of the acquisition of entrepreneurs. Seed fund of not less than 3 million yuan of its own funds, the city’s employment office in accordance with the proportion of the proportion of shares in the capital contribution of not more than $600 thousand, in accordance with the proportion of its contribution to jointly assume the risk of investment. To encourage and guide the public record service mechanism, spatial mode, innovation of financial products, the introduction of foreign good platform to raise public financing to carry out the pilot launch of venture capital funds, angel funds, tax credit, with more varieties, multi type and multi-level financial products for the guests. The establishment of financial entrepreneurship mentor group, organized financial products will be recommended, the creation of financial aid courses, to create a customer recommended matching financing services, change passive service as active help".

In fact,


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