When you are most helpless, don’t forget your core friends and the best teachers

webmaster friend: are you ready to buy space when doing the site, in the network of a lot of IDC, there is no choice, the cost of mind, choose a good feeling of space, spent 200 yuan. Used only to find out, hanging three times a day. Listen to the QQ group of "master" and "inspiration" to know other places similar space is only 150. This time you want someone to give you advice about how to buy a suitable space ah, but you searched QQ friends to give you advice are those IDC salesman, they say they are the most perfect space.

webmaster friend: when you spent 100 yuan registered a COM meters, because the site can not be promoted and deserted. Just at this time people are willing to spend 300 yuan to buy your domain name, you excitedly agreed, did not expect the transfer of IDC to tell you the transfer fee to 500, you Speechless! If you want someone to tell you what IDC business domain name registration cheap and free transfer? But nobody told you


webmaster friends: you because the site does not flow, find the master about how to promote the site, the first day of the morning 8 points at QQ asked him. In the second day of the afternoon, I received the reply at three p.m. "I’m busy."". To help the master more news is no echo. Do you want someone to teach you how to do traffic from 100 to 10000? But you don’t find a teacher like that.

webmaster friends: you spend a week hard on the Internet to find a nice template in the installation process found out the problem, but a lot of people, others give you the answer can make you satisfied. Do you wish this time someone told you in the next, how to change the problem where, to achieve the desired effect you? But you can’t find a few words, people always let you feel shy to ask


no pie falls in the sky. Many people only see bandits eat meat and see no robbers suffer. Webmaster friends, learning is to pay the tuition fee, from the first day you decide to do the webmaster, you must do the preparatory tuition, you may be hateful IDC cheated a few hundred dollars, you may not linger for a long time because of promotion in dozens of IP, you may be due to technical reasons unable to add more features to the site……

before the novice Adsense training, before the beginning of the course, chat with friends in the training group. Listen to a group of friends in a week, he made 4 station with DEDE, but all of the station is the default template, you will not change the template, all standing in one month after discharge do not add up to 100IP. grassroots heroes glorious deeds incentives, and personal webmaster more low threshold and more and more friends to join the ranks of the webmaster.

, don’t feel helpless. When you feel the future is dark, think of the friends who care about you, and think about your family. Above all, when you are helpless, don’t forget your core friends and best >!

Successful Taobao customers must collect 3+N databases (1)

once, someone put the database bank if there is no money to spend, and then go to the bank to get some money, the pond data in cash, if money is wealthy, to accumulate some data, change of water to the fish pond. Although it sounds a bit exaggerated, but in fact, these two really have the same purpose.

today, Huo always want to share with you the success of Taobao passenger must collect 3+N database:

Witkey database


is known as China ancient wisdom God Zhuge Wuhou, actually did not die from enemy, but died on their own, in more than forty penalty stick to personally determine, so hands-on, even the strong body does not carry live.

shopping malls such as the battlefield, Taobao is off, and a war is similar to that in, understanding of user needs, market research as the war Liaodi in the first, enhance their own value, to meet the needs of users, the product promotion needs, etc. These are the need for detailed pondering.

a person’s ability and energy is limited, may not share all to themselves, not to mention the industry specializing in surgery, even if you do not do well.

so, as a successful Taobao customers, to co-ordinate the overall situation, there are ideas, the specific form of division, and then to find suitable people to do the right things, Witkey, in a sense, most of them belong to the cheap labor, which based on students, to tell the truth, 1.6 yuan (after deducting 20% fee) more than 500 words I write more than N, then, really hard.

do guest, it is important to look for ideas, specific implementation, cheap labor, they are the most suitable candidates, how to find cheap labor? Perhaps, Witkey is a good choice. In addition, I will not tell you that QQ will be deleted when QQ releases the task, and I will not tell you that if you upload it in the form of attachments, you can keep it.

merchant database


operation of Taobao off promotion, we need a business as a partner, choose a businessman is not random behavior, we should according to the various conditions of business screening, common considerations are as follows:

special plan carefully request

for most businesses, special planning commission rate is higher than the general plan, but this is not to say that all the people, because the special plan of some businesses is used specifically to line the settlement off for Taobao. General plan commission ratio of 10%, special plan rate of 1%, but once the transaction, with the relevant data, you can contact the merchant, offline payment of the remaining 19% or even 59% commission.


The transformation of professional Adsense pain

doesn’t know how many professional webmasters still live in the wave of the internet. The first sentence of the article was sad and hurried, and it was so sad. Chang Xiaofeng has for a long time without writing, because I want to write some useful articles to help you, those with no reality whatever anything we touched, but today I still want to write false, because this is a kind of consciousness that can help you take some detours or to help themselves struggling out from the pain.

what is a professional station,


professional webmaster for many new Internet friends now, perhaps it is a relatively unfamiliar vocabulary. Because with these 2 years of great changes in the Internet, more and more professional webmaster chose to give up the dream of entrepreneurship, go to work. Here I understand the professional webmaster is very simple, that is, through their own site to survive this part of the Internet workers. A lot of new friends will be curious to ask me, there is still such a profession, it is really cool, no one can manage to make money, how cool. These tell the friends that they are far from simple and easy as you think.

professional webmaster in the past and present life,


professional webmaster can be said to be personal behavior of entrepreneurship. At the beginning of the Internet in China, the big brothers actually became professional owners. Later, the team set up to expand the course, these are the words of the. At that time Cai Wensheng held the first session of Chinese stationmaster Congress can look out those who are now so all-powerful. In the past life, I contacted 08 years, 06 to 09 years, when still living a large number of professional webmaster. Because every industry has the opportunity, and accurately, there is still a chance to make money. No matter what site you do, as long as you have traffic, you can make money, and have an objective income. This time, mainly because of Taobao, Baidu, and video sites, we can share a piece of their money while they’re investing. Underground Internet is not much to say, it is more active. Of course, I missed it at this stage. I’m sorry too.

I’m still alive today. What should I do,


to this day, I don’t know how many professional webmaster still alive. I want a professional webmaster who is still alive. Come on, friends, because I’m one of you. Then talk about my transformation of the road, perhaps a lot of webmaster and I was a little bit lost. In June of last year, Baidu algorithm update, at that time, many professional webmaster chose to leave, the reason is very simple, is unable to find the direction, lost himself. Your website can have a good income before, and suddenly it doesn’t exist. It’s really a painful thing. At this time, people do not know what to do, but also organized a protest in YY. It can be seen how fierce everyone is.

, I chose to stay,


09 years, the incident hit me really big, but later I adjusted the income, basically still can. This thing suddenly made me realize

The birth of a rookie website

I’m a person who likes to download things online, movies, software, music, animation, novels, and so on. All the things I like to see in my computer. One reason it online, sometimes more cards, there is a reason it is not so much time to see this see that squatting in front of the computer, in addition, there is one of the most important reasons Oh, I love to watch the whole book, and then put the whole book downloaded to the mobile phone, so we can guarantee that I can watch it whenever and wherever possible. Hey hey,


actually, I am a lazy, what things are Baidu, Google to solve, but when I download anything, but always appear such problems, for example, want to find a good point of resources, Baidu ah, Google ah, tens of thousands of sites, but did not see a lot of one is effective, easy to find a damn, a virus! Anyway, download some things, really arduous to download


sometimes I think, if there is a website that can accurately find I want to download the content, is safe and effective, it is the best of both worlds? So I tried to find, but almost all of the site inside the movie but not music, novels but no animation. Okay, what you say is the navigation website, I went to the large navigation sites like hao123 to find, but the site is there, but I like this download lazy, how there will be a time to see whether the site click download?


since the Internet can not find, is there a blank in this regard? So I have analyzed for a long time, on the do not know how many navigation sites, or I do not want. Once, I inadvertently put my mind to tell a friend, a friend said to me that, why don’t you do a website? I said, I will not! Friends laugh, you even a college website will not do?? I face a red, without thinking say, do, who’s afraid of the


so I kept watching Internet website, how to build websites, to tell the truth, I want to build a website from the start, is a level of zero rookie, Diploma of college students, the network is the primary, oh no, is a kindergarten. Because I don’t even know HTML,


at first I would like to establish a fair point website, what ASP ah, PHP ah, want to do everything done, more than more than! But, after a few days of learning, on the three day of DMS, I finally collapsed, my IQ is really not that cattle the


well, it would be a simple static page, so I do ah ah, ah ah tune tune, you know the code to write their own, do not understand the people will go to the source file copy, copy again, really, have never been so serious, so that the first night imperceptibly morning


in fact, I do not do this site, and even the form is not ready, and that color is also the following

The patient focused blog content

focus on the blog, the content of patient. Content building here mainly refers to the content of blogs that focus on a particular field, rather than the content of an individual life blog. If your blog is just a record of the little things in your life, you don’t have to think so much, what you like, what you want to write, and what to write about. But if your blog is a blog focused on a professional field (the webmaster blog is mostly of this type), the content of the construction can not be so arbitrary, must be patient.

often come to my blog friends will this blog update frequency is about one or two a week or so, because of personal time, so only one or two articles, the best conditions are updated every day, no conditions I recommend two days to update an article! My blog posts and personal basic the webmaster, so the main object of communication is they, if my blog is updated every day, a few of my own life, such as today to go fishing tomorrow update, update and friends where to play…… So, to my blog webmaster, every time to see all these things, but didn’t see what they want to read, they care about the article, so they come to your blog than to see their own website, in the course of time will gradually abandon your blog. So attention blog construction should be patient, of course is not to write all of this, is that most of the contents of the field of writing focus, small part of a period of time can update an independent of the industry, for example, you go to travel, take some photos, write to play and feel. Friends share the joy in life, this blog is not monotonous, but also to meet your friend needs, such professional blog can gather more and more popular


generally speaking, the content of the blog should be well positioned, that is, the "fine" and "dedicated", unless you are a personal mood blog. If the blog is not fine not only that people just go to the portal to see the article, what to see your blog article? It is because of your blog portal without such focus, focus on the content, so people need to come here to see you. Last but not least, a lot of people know, but don’t do it – stick to it! It’s important! I want everyone to understand!


this article is only a personal point of view. If there is disagreement, we can communicate together.

original address: http://www.linjianghui.com/post/8.htm

941 Wangzhuan information station opened a 3 month summary

The site

station also has 3 months, for the operation of the site can be said to be feeling a lot, to the site but also spent a lot of effort, but due to the unreasonable planning website 3 times in just 1 months, until June was officially finalized for now this way, because of the space stability the middle is Baidu and Google in sand box for a long time, the construction experience of 941 Wangzhuan information station has the following main points:

1, must do the construction site before the official release, the test is completed and then released, because Baidu Google is love new sites, often a large number of new sites included, there is no problem, since he has given higher weights, if a new all the content is collected, also contains the wrong connection, then Baidu is do not love you, also won’t give you much traffic, the new station must not change, is a painful lesson for the river after a seaman, I stand after the two revision, Baidu Google into the sandbox for more than a month only scraped escaped from the sandbox.

The main experience of Baidu Google

escaped from the sandbox in the following points: adhere to the original update, add a small amount of high quality external links, pay attention to the high quality PR link is not high, but with high degree of coherence, add the appropriate external links, then still very important related external authority chain. Modified several internal link errors, the connection between the related pages increased, but attention is related to links between articles. So hold on for half a month, Baidu will finally I released from the sandbox, ranked straight up, personal feeling of the original content is very important, but the original must be online no information, can not write a lot of others, so that you do not up to the original, the key can be properly selected for too long that little competition, people do not pay attention to being collected.

2, the website keyword don’t modify, not the revision of the case, because the keyword and description is Baidu for a web page classification based on your Baidu keyword, according to your description to your station and station is divided to a certain class, this is not going to change, Baidu has reason to suspect that changed you cheat, then will mercilessly put you into the sandbox, the station is eating the loss, we must pay attention to the novice webmaster.

3, internal connection must be reasonable, this station is now the internal connection is not very reasonable, for this reason now Baidu and Google included is not ideal, the seaman is to eat on the site planning deficit, now change will cause Baidu thinks I’m cheating, novice webmaster must be aware of this problem. Outbound links appropriate help to improve the quality of website, but don’t add Links, you can export a core keyword in your article to related topics a authoritative website to course if you can get these links is the most ideal, the seaman tried all links of good quality the pages are included in the revision, but also get a good ranking.

4, website content is collected appropriately, very important, after the website is collected, be out of…

Big, medium, small business website operation a few gaps

I don’t know much about the operation of the company, but I’ve seen a lot of companies and see a lot of them. Maybe it’s the mode of operation that defines the size of the business. Don’t talk too much. Look at the differences between big, medium and small businesses. Let’s find out why, too.

user experience chapter

large enterprises: to improve the user experience of the website by investigating the big data on the website, and to evaluate the quality of the website through questionnaire survey.

Enterprises: through the customer survey to determine the user experience of the site, and then use a small amount of data analysis to improve the site.

small business: define the layout of a website through the intuition of the boss or manager, and then improve the site through the user’s initiative to ask questions.

designer article

large enterprises: through the market investigation and analysis of user needs, and then through conference discussion to define the layout and design of the website, color collocation, etc..

Enterprises: designers through self creative analysis of the structure of the site, any leader through discussion of the results, repair, revision, change is so set.

small business: unconditional, all listen to the boss’s arrangement, the boss will find a website, ask you to imitation station, after the repair, modify, change will not stop.

SEO optimization chapter

enterprise: the most junior SEOER have their own promotion ideas, can be the first to declare the leadership method, can only execute the SEO method by themselves, if there is no way, can follow the method assigned by the SEO supervisor to perform.

Enterprises: through the leadership of their own arrangements, in accordance with the SEO optimization plan table, and then optimize the place through the Excel records, daily or weekly to the leadership.

small business: in addition to SEO chain and station articles, the rest of their own arrangements, if long time did not achieve the effect of optimization, but also need to go to the boss, that explains why.

network promotion chapter

: large enterprises generally have their own platform, do not need to do other promotion outside the station, safeguard their WeChat, micro-blog, WeChat or micro-blog but published content must be approved by the supervisor or above level audit, but need to do.

Enterprises: through superior arrangements to: Baidu know, library, experience and other places to publish information, through professional editors contribute to major industry portals to promote.

small businesses: the main way to promote depends on SEO above, followed by classified information, forums, advertising areas and other places to advertise.

internal management section

: enterprise management layers work orderly, division of labor is very detailed, if it is in a position to the full performance of the special award, most of the jobs are relatively perfect, > intrigue

In my article station on-line experience

in fact, whether we do articles, websites or software download class website, different industry sites, and its promotion methods are almost the same. Today, I will be my article stand how to promote, do a simple experience share! Hope to play a role in attracting!


I want to talk about my article, the station is a website which was made in the beginning of 2010. What is the specific website, and I don’t want to be afraid of being called AD. Because before doing this station, I think a lot of the theme, the website localization in what direction and so on, my website program and the name of the site keywords, changed many times, half a month to start, Baidu is not included, so I don’t change the program, not the title, no more new content a few days later, Baidu released a collection of web pages, but because my program changed many times, Baidu included the long gone! No way, had to stick with it, I hope there will be a miracle.

now is my website snapshot will be updated every day, and the amount collected is also good, my website article has a total of more than 300 articles, Baidu included me more than 200, while Google is more, there are more than 310 (not to mention fraud, including other pages)! But only the weight is not high, perhaps because outside I stand not chain, and Links sites are some new sites, I need to do every day or continue to update the article, my original articles are false, not because of what time to manage, so fewer original articles.

in my impression, Baidu for new sites, it is not so cruel and strict. Because I stand so modify the program and title for many times, there is no update after a period of time, but Baidu spiders will still come every day! (each station every day, the spider to climb, even if Baidu is down the right, the spider will still climbing!) now I will go to the station every day update one or two article, if not more, but also enough! I for the quality of the article is not very strict, although the content is king, as long as it is not purely to copy and paste it, every article I will go to update the title or put some text position, while the body is so


in fact, for the promotion of this website, I didn’t make much effort, neither optimized keywords, nor to send soft Wen, but every day will be quantitative to blog there review, release the chain. There is still time to some high popularity of the forum posts by signature Dingding, forum to lead the spider and some visitors.

now this time, I always think the content of the first, the chain first! Have a good content, not outside the chain of support, Baidu gives you the weight is not high; a good outside chain, no good content, so it is tantamount to a garbage station, sooner or later be eliminated by the user and Baidu! This paper from the www.kangre.com, please retain the information reproduced


About thirty years of age decided to choose to do stand

doesn’t remember how much through the night, with the U shield turned much money, Baidu cut off many pages in how many domain name, how many times have black IDC, how many times users are not cheat… Say… What, see the wife is sleeping, spit smoke ring: "at least I’m still here


I don’t hate the black heart of the IDC, after all, do IDC also has his own reasons: do not want to criticize the relentless Baidu, after all, what big birds are… The most hateful is to engage in malicious code (Trojan) person, but 2:

first, simply engage in malicious code. I met 2 times, and for the first time I was hung up by a member of the communication group, and then he M me, and I knew it. I asked him why I stand, he said: "the fate" – I was completely knocked down!!! Second times, because I read an article in the hacker forums, probably because the data in my own station domain name written on, drew a talk of the "black" (really cautious detailed information, or how to go to see my ID). "The station was messed up," he said. "He’s testing. When the test is done, get it back to me.". I really don’t know what he was trying, maybe my defense in space, and then he didn’t do it for me. The database was deranged.

two is purely for profit. So far, I’ve had one, but the result is so bad that my stop has been down for a week. Specific I do not need to say, is that means, experienced friends must understand. Anyway, I found, "a common characteristic of black": don’t break you and never give up! Unless he found you better than him. God can not split him!!!!!! (Note: do not include those who have conscience, are generous "black".


do webmaster life is a very chronic, very silent depressing feeling, especially the small and medium-sized webmaster. 2 years down, find new friends did not know a few ways of making money, did not see a few, wife clothes did not buy a few pieces of… In fact… My dream is not to do the station, I just imagine that he is to master the host family, home with fertile fields, finally said nothing led a group have neither learning nor skill. The dog I took to the streets to tease good girl…

"poof ~ ~" spit smoke ring (recently learned), wife turned over and snoring… QQ… Out of several flashing picture, the mouth murmured: "what is the rush…"

"ah, today’s Baidu update!"

"Oh, where’s the smoke?"

ah, wife, listen to me explain ~!!!!…..


has 1 years to stand, and think about the past few years in Beijing from the network of small tubes to foreign aid work experience, I really have the feeling of suddenly looking back. Recently prepared to stand on the ground to do standing, local information network. Considering 1 months’ decision, I feel that I have to stand still as a career, so I can persist

Cao Guangyun the way to success for stationmaster from the perspective of success (two)

Cao Guangyun in an article on to share the success of "the first" master piece of content, is currently has more than forty websites reproduced, reproduced here to open website thanks, because you will let more people understand to reprint the basic elements of success in, this article is to continue on a also, for the share of four successful people need to have quality:

success five: success is often not just what you want,

everyone knows one thing. When someone is famous, honor, money, beauty will be there. Just like the imperial examination system in ancient times. Fame, maybe he started only one idea, is promoted. But often when the promotion to achieve the goal of wealth and connections, then there will be. These were not originally thought of. Although web578 is not at all stages, but I feel it already. Web578 profit point is to join VIP members. But often a lot of people find me through this platform, in-depth cooperation. There is a VIP member whose family is from Hebei. The family opened a steel tube factory. After joining VIP, I felt I learned a lot. I felt that I was very helpful to him. One of his friends wanted to do an online marketing program, and finally handed me the list directly.

success six: any success depends on the brain

There are two kinds of

ways to make money, one is mainly by hand, one is mainly on the brain, hands to eat can eat, can eat dinner by the brain, a team leader role, the head is xiongbao, the regiment is xiongbao. A soldier, a flaming nest, is the reason. How do people eat by the brain, first of all need to enrich the brain, the world does not rule out a genius, but also does not rule out the special features of the people, but for most, still need to learn to enhance their own.

, if you want to highlight your site, want to make your promotion work, want to make yourself an envy of others, there must be, first of all, there is something in the brain.

success seven: success should have a strong motivation for success,

I have

in the web578 Tencent official micro-blog (http://t.qq.com/web578) sent such a micro-blog "beauty and success in front of you, your choice is the instinct of beauty, but when you choose success, not success is difficult, because of your desire for success beyond the can!". This is a joke, but the truth is that in order to illustrate one thing, the degree of desire determines the degree of success. If there is no strong motivation to succeed, when they are doing this thing, encounter difficulties may well choose to retreat or escape, even if it is temporarily in the face, but for a long time may still choose to retreat or escape. So it leads halfway back to the starting point.

success eight: success loves pain,


Integral management will make the forum model undead

some time ago to see an article wrote "campus forum brilliant and lonely", in the face of micro-blog, WeChat and so on renren.com, one by one to rise, before a lot of high flow campus forum not brilliant, other types of forums have similar situation. On the one hand is the reason of site type and social demand, is also due to the core value of forum of the problem, the core value of the forum will have to mention the content in the end is what? Management mechanism is suitable for the current forum member


one, forum model

Model focusing on the exchange, the

forum of each post, has a unique theme, with the following reply, we can think of the topic and replies fusion, related problems can be solved! Baidu and Baidu are known Post Bar derivatives forum mode, with strict management of Baidu know this product, on which we can ask and answer questions, such as our demand is similar to Baidu Post Bar smoothly done or easily solved; and QQ group, everyone do replies may be, may also be no longer a problem, and we play Post Bar is more "lonely"! In the end of the forum model should be taken Baidu know the route or route for Baidu Post Bar, now more and more precise segmentation, we operate the forum can not laissez faire free growth, to do is do outdoor outdoor, online shopping is the display of goods, data is for learning The exam, personal webmaster era of casual is no longer adapt to the current development of the Internet, visitors through the search engine over, and to find the answer to the question, not to chat, chat with QQ, WeChat, forum and more trouble, so strange. Walk the fine line, first to strictly control the theme of the forum and the atmosphere, irrigation and second to prevent the registered machine through the program, third SEO optimization is essential, along with other new sites to rise, we only have to do homework in order not to be eliminated.

two, forum integral management,

The above model mainly describes the

forum forum content and technical aspects of the problem, but the forum activity as well as the expansion of the scale of the integral level of management mechanism must be in some time! You have access permissions to read the forum is not enough access, reading posts need gold coins to buy, the Forum lottery exchange activities must consume integral and so on, and now the more is can increase traffic and user viscosity! How to use


1, the forum to take the boutique line, first of all, must be posted on the essence of points, to encourage members to create more good content

2, for high-quality content requires high authority to read, that is, members upgrade, do forum tasks, post to do promotion,

3, to members of the individual to take points exchange sweepstakes, can be virtual goods or objects in order to improve the activity and interactive

4, to participate in integral activities, the necessary points, posting, selling posts, access points, such as

5, if there is a personal need, there are problems, you can send a reward post, adopted replies send integral


Dong Jiangyong whip Niu Shi live a wonderful little regret



received a communication call from Wang Huadong about journalists’ day, the first response was: "I’ve never been a reporter.".

wrote this line to show that I wanted to be a journalist, but I didn’t know if I would have another chance.

2003 and Sohu signed a labor contract, I was allowed to use the title is chief reporter, who looked not bow to see the media colleagues see my name card will be handed out and asks a commercial website to have the interview right now?

embarrassing awkward, and soon, other commercial websites have also imitated the Sohu, have formed a non political class interview team, the title of course not reporters, but doing all those jobs.

today, the original has been like a raging fire in an interview and Internet media in the booming Internet reporter, if in the future will give official appellation words, so we may be the first person to eat crabs.

in July 2006, I left the post of editor in chief of Sohu IT channel and abandoned the dream of becoming the first journalist on the "Internet business website". The popular saying is to start a business.


was used to show the country, passionate words, think oneself to start things come in handy, as everyone knows, the reporter especially website "reporter" completely by the superficial two word final judgement, reporter hunfanchi entrepreneurship difficult and hard only experience will clear.

, an investment fellow who really helped me, said bluntly, "my partner and I, if we start a business, are worth at most 3 million yuan, selling shares, we can get 50-100 yuan of angel funds.".

when my predecessor left NetEase, he was the director of content (equivalent to the editor in chief) before starting his business. It was said that he had received about 8 million yuan of investment from his loan.

, editor in chief and assistant editor in chief of sina technology, has also left the company and probably got about 500 thousand yuan of start-up capital.

The so-called "

Sohu, retire after winning merit" editor in chief was announced in four months ago, and then rely on hard saved up 2 million yuan at the foot of Xiangshan a real farm started playing touch.

, 50, 200, 800, the numbers of these money are abstract and concrete.

these people are important employees of several big gateways, but their net worth is just a dinner for rich people from monopoly industries.

most of these people were born poor, but very intelligent. Not what social background, was overthrown in May so little slit, to rely on their own and cautious, step by step accumulation.

is a kind of military and political leaders because they do not believe that, once these people feel over the opportunity to rise, so the choice of entrepreneurship.

these >

Forging gold content is the only shortcut to success

construction of a very fruitful site, traffic is the fundamental guarantee of success, but how many owners to stop? Most of the time, always blame the "SEO technology is not in place or search engine suck. But there is a fall, there is, in the Internet, every day there will be new sites mixed with the wind and water. So, what gives these sites full of magic traffic, is the search engine? Yes, or not, and more often, I think: the achievement of website value is attributed to the self "gold content". Webmaster if successful, forging web site "gold content", is to win the search engine and the user’s only shortcut!


1: choose more than the efforts of "industry gold content"

chose the right head, step by step, and so did webmaster websites. Some industry site itself are not the gold content is too high, take the "film and fiction" website is an example? A collection, automatic updates, such sites too much, it is because of its universality, which leads to the decrease of the amount of gold industry. It also involves: copyright disputes, transient is unknowable and that things will give energy to this site above, finally the results obtained with too many uncertainties. The gold content level of industry depends on the development prospects: competitiveness, industry website quantity, industry, ease of construction, and user usage, a unified combination of choice, more easily choose to have gold industry website. Not hasty for website, eventually pay more, may be in different pay, always with the successful draw further apart is also unknown. In the binary think: for small and medium-sized webmaster, choose not to do "website traffic service" website, with the service profit, its superiority is far better than the flow, of course it is only a little personal.

two: Although the sparrow is small and dirty, the theme "gold content"

for a small webmaster, no matter what kind of website you want to build, we must do to improve the theme of the website "gold content"". What is the theme of the site "gold"? When users browse a website, a look will know what is the nature of the site, and covers the relevant industry comprehensive collection of information, users are interested in browsing. Instead of doing an all encompassing, anything, but doing what is obvious and vague web site, a look, they know what is not done, professional in place. "Big and whole, better than small and fine", is this reason, in the website construction, personal Adsense building many websites, the author recommend such webmaster better choose some coverage of smaller site branch to build. Rather than doing some, such as: portals, forums, entertainment, such integrated web site, you can open up a small area above, the construction of the fine, the effect may not be bad.

three: increase the number of sites and quality contrast gold content

now, there are many webmasters with more than one station, even one

It was written after the Guangzhou webmaster conference in 2009

yesterday noon, I arrived at the Wa King Town Hotel in Guangzhou, in 2009 Guangzhou webmaster conferences, came to the hotel after I phoned Huang Baohua (Ali mother community senior moderator), first saw the Chinese brother not recognize them, with advantages of photos of the differences, see the real fertilizer. After seeing each other is not strange, and soon chatted together.


himself and Huang Baohua (right)


sign webmaster more, so more than 2 officially began in congress.

This conference will

e-commerce in the first place, Dong Qinfeng proposed the development potential of Taobao passenger operation mode in speeches, and jurisprudence vulgar website operation mode in the future China Internet is not popular. After all, the state has increased this crackdown.

traffic can not be placed in the first place, quality is the key!


Panyu community Wen Guofeng mentioned in his speech when I was basically a month to visit my cnzz, because I know the local forum availability of flow is very small, although the 2-3Wip every day, but one can truly become a loyal user forum was not less.

Guo Jijun proposed in the lecture: to retain users, only by interaction, by beauty, rely on a relationship! When walking this SNS operating in Chongqing, Guo Jijun has been to other SNS above a beauty dug up, and then register these technician relationship with the vest (and chat). Keep the beauty, then the other fellow will follow in, oneself also can retire after winning merit.

website is for profit, and profit is the most direct means of e-commerce. Personal webmaster do e-commerce means is the most direct Taobao customers, A5 hadron also said, Taobao is a good mode of operation, but the lack of favorable promotion, which means that Taobao customer is not affected by too many people’s cognition, when Congress questions have asked this question. Taobao customer service executives also expressed concern.


conference without too much emphasis on SEO, SEO can flow from the search engine, but the flow requires transformation that is another issue, the future of the SEO route is not only SEO, but to SEO and the combination of the site itself, and not to flow and SEO, but to make money and seo.

SEO and China 2010 SEO training direction: SEO basic knowledge and SEO Traffic conversion combination.


himself and Guo


himself and the laggards fish


Looking at website marketing from the cup

many people regard marketing as a difficult task, but a good marketing staff should not only have theoretical support, but also need practical experience to improve the marketing process. Today, let’s take a look at the ordinary cup to see how marketing combines theory with practice.

theory one, work is only heavy, the result is not heavy process, but can see the process

through the resultWhen

walks with the cup, the glass is broken on the ground by someone else. The responsibility is not for others, because you haven’t properly protected the cup.

as a marketing executive, your market is the cup, your cup will be someone to devour, not the responsibility of others, you do not have to open up the market, the market does not maintain good responsibility. Any excuse to dodge this marketing personnel are meaningless. Comrade Deng Xiaoping once said: "no matter the cat catches mice is a good cat". It’s also a word that only results in nothing. I think our boss every enterprise will not own to personally with every marketing personnel to open up the market, then we need to use their own marketing personnel the ability to survey, to analyze, to plan, to open up the market, this is how to open up the specific marketing personnel themselves, perhaps one of the only you can know sour, sweet, bitter, hot.

theory two: the use of good relations, grasp the pulse of good people, effective relationship marketing, opportunity marketing,

cup is not only water use, the morning can take water brushing with cups, morning when you can use a cup to drink tea, guests, guests can use the cup coffee, the evening can also be used to put milk, even pens, flowers, stirring.

for market people, cups are like channels, connections, connections. Huadu hospital (www.hdfk120.com) marketing strategy to meet the wishes of people who aspire to a director, eager to improve the lives of their potential to achieve the ideal, also make the interpersonal relationship more closely. Selling in caring lives and caring for others in sales work not only builds long-term, harmonious relationships, but also brings benefits to hospitals.

On the basis of

but this marketing must be set up in each other’s needs, otherwise it becomes qiangmaiqiangmai, although the first consider the other party made a human relationship on the face, but this relationship continues to benign development becomes questionable. The application just like the cup, not any cup can play value in any situation, Sheng chemical cup if it will be used for the guests to tea unintended consequences, with a small cup of coffee will seem neither fish nor fowl run etc.. As a successful marketing personnel, reasonable use of the relationship, the relationship between play potential, providing the most needed service when a friend needs most, when friends don’t need to provide the services do not need to know ourselves, to build a harmonious and happy relationship, to firmly seize the hearts of customers.

I am a successful webmaster, I am also a failure of the webmaster


I was born in 1982 from Jiangxi, Ji’an, pure Jiangxi Laobiao home, surrounded by mountains, the villagers are simple. When reading learning is good, the test at the University of what, in the first phase of examination, because a classmate lost 20 yuan, and then I just stole 20 dollars from home money (at that time the family was poor, when reading every week with meals only 3 yuan pocket money, look at others to eat snacks, so tempted to steal money from home) so the students every day that I stole the money, according to the dispute to no avail, I love this man face, not long after I leave school. To tell you the truth, when I studied well, I expected a lot from my family. After leaving school, my parents often hit me and scolded me, but in the end I didn’t go to school. At that time, because he was only 14 years old, so he could not work. Stayed home for two years, raised fish, raised ducks, planted fruit trees, and had a small business. In the eyes of the village people, I am a weirdo in the eyes of my relatives and friends. I always think of something that other people don’t want to do, even if I don’t think of it. For example, in December of that year, other people planted winter vegetables, and I tend to grow in autumn to grow sparse dishes, in fact, that is, anti season vegetables. At that time, in the village village, no one heard of the "season against vegetables" this word, so no fewer strokes home abuse, village people are pointing fingers, saying I’m a weirdo. I must have been 16 years old, and I could not stand the pressure from all sides, so I went down to work in Fujian.

has worked in Fujian for several years, and has paid no more than 700 yuan a month. Later, I went to Shenzhen with my friend. For about 4 years, I saved some money and opened a shop again. And then had to go back to work in the factory, the mood is really bad, very bad. When I bought a cell phone, there was nothing to do when I was out of work, and I opened the mobile Internet. It was at that time that I knew how to make money. I like new things, and immediately I decided to make money. Of course, at that time, only part-time work, because it will have to live, there are girlfriends, can not let her live in fear of it. And with about one year, the mobile phone is mobile phone website, when the site is very well done, the government will own mobile phone website that, web content can be written in a yellow, as long as your content is yellow on the right, and then mobile phone station is very few, so the site is easy to flow. Ad click rate is very high, every month can earn 1000 yuan.

is the first month of the 07 year, his girlfriend of 4 years broke up, the reason is that her parents had no son, and her family in Gansu, so it is necessary to put her parents into my home in Jiangxi, took over the words you want to buy a house, get married, have to live, if so we need to have at least 200 thousand, and his girlfriend worked hard 4 years is only tens of thousands of deposits. She said she was too tired to hold on. When I heard what she said, I was as mad as a mouse. We loved each other so much, never quarreled, said anything I didn’t want to do, and even threatened to break up with death. For a while I was really crazy and the class didn’t go

Give up or stick to it To friends who are still lost

, I’ve been confused for a long time. I’ve been doing full-time website optimization for two years. Said two years, the actual lack of a year, because the middle and off, often on the edge of giving up and reduction.

recall, little success so that they continue to insist on is nothing more than a few websites, confirmed me in my belief, today some experience to share with friends, I hope those who have had less fortunate friends, hold on, maybe victory will belong to you.

scores are mainly in the early stage, when people are relatively easy to meet, a little achievement, it is very happy. At that time, just contact SEO, very lucky to fumble to a doorway, fortunately done two ten thousand IP station. Now want to do is be nothing difficult, but definitely was not so smooth.

I do not know whether the beginning of too smooth, the more backward, the more sense of loss. At the beginning of last February, I bought an old station was revised and put into operation and some orthodox optimization, the first month, Baidu update period, from the original 10 days, 30 days into a. That is to say, you do today SEO optimization work, less than half a month will be able to see, but now, a month of big updates, you can see the long overdue figure.

has not only a major revision of the site, even the framework re write a lot of places, second days to update the home page, but did not lead to a revision of my site drop right, update the first week, only to release hundreds of pages, then after three weeks, only about twenty thousand I was all included page updates all released (included from the date of the page can be seen three weeks ago). Then, in a month later, my site’s keyword ranking has been significantly improved, the work has finally been a bit effective. Let’s talk about what have been done, or let friends learn from it. This month, I do SEO work is to buy one to three links every day, do BBS theme, chain, BBS signature outside chain, web site and classification information outside the chain, and every day update site. OK, see keywords ranking, indicating the old method or effect, I feel that the old one will still be effective, so the next two months, continue to do these aspects of SEO optimization work. After two months of optimization, I got a new idea:

first, old station, old domain name weight is very high, become more difficult to move. This may be Baidu update cycle extension has a direct relationship, in the intense competition in the word (more than 20 site competition, you may be hard to do) optimization work to one or two months beyond the three or four opponents only second pages to do. Unlike three years ago, you are trying to storm a round of optimization, in the new station effect, and quickly grabbed the home in a month ahead of the front row position, the old station behind.

second, the effect of the chain is in decline, search engine algorithm becomes more complex. In this respect, I feel normal, because now the station group of pile after pile, if the chain effect >

6 methods of web page detection of AdBlock

some web pages are full of disgusting ads that hinder not only the acquisition of information, but also the mood of visitors. In particular, some irrelevant multimedia ads and pop-up windows not only make people feel harassed, but also easy to delay and waste precious time. Hence the famous cross platform AdBlock plug-in, which has its extensions or plug-ins on any mainstream browser, where users can install it and block most of the ad.

since AdBlock has a way of detecting ads and shielding them, as a web maker, there are actually ways of checking AdBlock in turn.

Why does

test AdBlock


this is a controversial issue: users choose not to see the destruction of advertising, advertising rights in the browser page, the site also has bundled advertising and information distributed to you together and charge advertisers show cost free. Both can not interfere with each other, and in the absence of clear laws and regulations in the environment, you can guard against me, I can guard you.


In addition to the

AdBlock directly to the "acceptable advertising website" for entering the white list to request directly from outside the shield, here are 6 starting from the site itself and AdBlock detection method related to the operation of the trigger.

The following

methods are done without modifying the ad code itself, because ad associations such as Google AdSense require no modification of the code.

detects the visible height of the ad module

this is a very simple method, the principle is very simple, is to detect the corresponding advertising module height is less than its height, if it is less than the empty collapse, it is enabled AdBlock.


code is similar to the following

if (document.getElementById (‘ads’).ClientHeight < 90) {

the feasibility of this scheme is medium. In some cases, AdBlock shields the processing of an ad after it is special. It does not cause the ad module to collapse, but maintains the set height and displays the blank. That time, it doesn’t work.

detects the number of visible ads

This is a

and the similar method is also very simple, that is to detect whether the current number of ads on a page as expected, because some advertisements may not trigger AdBlock rules to display a number of methods can be used to check the ads so.

How to optimize the server of foreign marketing website

actually do stand long time webmaster all know, choose a good server will give us hard to do stand, bring unexpected effect. The reason is simply that the station is not for the sake of its own sake. The quick response server helps speed up the search engine and the user’s access. In particular, the value of our target customers, their feelings, or is favored, is our power to build the site. It is imperative for our God to provide a high speed access space.

half a month ago, received a single, is a production of brick Trade self-employed, there are three countries to build language websites. Because the database and style of what is provided by the other party, very smooth, ready. After the test, there is no problem with the delivery. But yesterday, the other side called again to say that the speed of the visit was slow, especially for some foreign users. So I began to do after-sales service, I tested in my own space, no problem, in the other party space test is no problem. Why foreigners do not? Distress in an afternoon, aimlessly looking for answers on the network, and finally a kind of friends offer a clue: it is not placed in the server? Suddenly find the root of the problem. Indeed, the server location choice in China, our own browsing is not the problem, but it doesn’t necessarily have to do foreign trade so smoothly, to know the region will give the web browsing speed has difference. Many of the domestic server access abroad is very slow, so call each other, specifically told him that the server is the problem, if you want to quickly open, you have to set up servers abroad. If you are browsing the website information transfer is very slow, the basic is the slow death, the deal on the basic question.

there is now a growing number of Internet users in the use of the search engine more and more progress, but no matter on the network know much, but as long as things are aware of the need to go to the search engine search can find. This is why more and more enterprises put their own product keywords to do everything possible SEO good reason. The purpose is to sell yourself with a search engine. But even if you understand the importance of search engine sales, there is no correlation between authenticated analytics servers and search engines. Like the brick producers abroad do promotion but the server set up in the country, it is possible because of the speed problem, resulting in reptiles such as spiders cannot update timely, which included, sometimes to the search engines in trouble, directly affect the search engine keyword ranking, the sales should be followed the decline. In a word, the domestic server to optimize foreign websites, in the optimization of the timeliness and optimization of the difficulty coefficient itself is more unfavorable, and in effect, there may be a discount. To this end, it is recommended that such foreign business stations, select one or two foreign promotion of the server, a bit of regional work, website optimization is more favorable, but also does not necessarily increase costs.

Car home 47.7% equity value, 1 billion 600 million vertical website, want to realize, from the conte


group has been on the Internet about safe car field does not change, although negative, 6 billion investment in the development of a good car safely but busy, Ping An Group and a larger investment, the acquisition of vertical site car home 47.7% stake for $1 billion 600 million, as a vertical website, after the valuation obviously again for the industry shocked, people once again eyeing the vertical


‘s original car home realisation: content + ad


‘s first car home is to make the content of birth, and then sell some ads on the site, now the car home, it is not difficult to see that these traces, in terms of content including automotive information, reviews, product, car video and other basic information, of course, in addition, the car home and the forum, online comments to the user to speak of the plate.

in the form of advertising, car home is very meticulous, home sky advertising, video window, focus and other forms, and in the content pages, forums, etc. product library two pages also have advertising sales, obviously, car home had to cash in the main commercial advertising business model under the foot of the skill, compared this car home and the traditional portal, is the only comprehensive and vertical difference, in the form of profit, obviously, no more than the traditional portal site too much, of course, the car home full of basic work, started to break


car home realization of the road: from advertising transformation to selling products


in 2012, the car family changed, and the media in the automotive field "car home", "used car home" set up as a company, to "car home" named. For this change, Qin cause qichezhijia CEO said: "the future development mode of car home is to establish a one-stop Internet service platform, including information, forums, electricity providers, social and other different service modules, according to automotive consumer demand, have their own emphasis and choice."

after the "double eleven", the car home in the field of electricity supplier demonstrated amazing explosive force, the so-called electricity supplier popular saying, that is to sell products. We look at a set of data: in the "crazy car home 11.11 Car Buying Festival theme activities, the number of vehicles ordered in 2013 17776, for a total amount of 2 billion 643 million; in 2014 the order number of 37117 cars, the total order amount for 6 billion 54 million yuan; 2015 day order car number is 54085, the total amount of 8 billion 765 million yuan purchase……

and content information forum, drainage, advertising and comparison, and the 2014 car home to build a business platform car mall, obviously, the latter, liquidity and imagination obviously, the car home in the long Internet explore profit point found in the process, not content with pull advertisements but directly in >