The website optimization need to analyze the data which

fifth: analysis of website chain included

to do the webmaster, do you know what data analysis of optimizing a website need attention? If you don’t know, that we are going to discuss the results of hope to engage in Shanghai Longfeng work to help bring friends.

sixth: PV, IP, analysis of the website UV data

analysis of the quality of the original articles is not only the quality analysis of the site within the update article, as well as analysis of the quality of the chain, because the original article quality will also affect the ranking, if a website is rich in content, and often update and has a group of high quality stable links, even if it is a day the group also is no risk.


for Shanghai dragon staff we are very aware of the external links is the need to improve the stability, the site does not overeating can affect this to the website is great, and we also need to monitor the site included.

The first point:

analysis of web server refused to access time, to enhance the user experience of the website business is very.

keyword ranking to understand the progress of the ranking, in order to achieve Shanghai Longfeng work adjustment, but also a way to know the project progress report, analysis of keywords ranking is also very important that Shanghai dragon website optimization.

Some basic data on the website of the search engine spider crawling data analysis program website


analysis of quality of the original article

seventh: the analysis of why the server refused to visit

this is a familiar fact: want to have a website ranking, you must first be included in search engines in its database, and then according to the rules of search engine, the ranking of keywords and site analysis, grab search engine program, so as to improve the capture of search engine to achieve the purpose of increasing included.

analysis of keywords ranking

The importance of data analysis should be very clear when optimizing a site Through the analysis of the

second: analysis of traffic statistics

analysis is the day we must see, such as PV, UV, IP sites of these data, we can see from the data flow trend of website, if you dropped to find out the reasons, analysis of the actual data to do.

every day to do is to see traffic statistics, see which keywords flow, but there are also some Adsense see the eyes will not see, because the data analysis is one of the few traffic statistics function is also more and more, provide a large amount of data for us, but a lot of people are in want of perfection don’t care about it. Flow analysis for us to optimize the page, enhance the user experience is very good.

Using Robots to solve the case included duplicate analysis

the meaning of this sentence is as long as the root directory of the link with " rss" is not indexed, unless your website will bring in the RSS page address is the three consecutive letters, this statement can solve this problem.

repetitive linksI use ?There are two methods to solve the

this is the price of

analysis which will produce

so I put a ban on the Robots search engine index statement:

such as 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/goods-1.html from=rss

display link

is the first link

Disallow: /*min*

includes other attributes of the link, we find that the law is there will be " min" " max" " attr" three words, are the smallest, the largest value of property

, one is by deleting the RSS information subscription, two is Robots

The classification of Next we break one by one

page with a lot of dynamic link

attribute selection

used ECSHOP friends will know that ECSHOP has serious repeat included too many problems, the number of actual products with many friends website articles only 1000, query link actually have 3,4 thousands, even tens of thousands of noble baby. Because of repetitive links like Title, so often lead to search engine punishment included poor, for this problem, Shanghai dragon Er is the need to solve the following, I express my personal experience to solve, welcome comments.

My personal choice is screening screening inside

Disallow: /*rss*

includes attribute selection links


2. classification page dynamic link

and above, we add a jump ban grab including these three words of the statement in the Robots:

1., first is the product page and the article page will have a lot of pages to the end of


sorting links

such as 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/category-1-min80-max90-attr0.html

A detailed explanation of the chain end which is good

now I summarize years of experience to explain the chain, hope to help novice friends. Forum signature think the effect is not obvious in my actual combat, only added to the link to love Shanghai, also known as the chain, but the actual effect is not big. If some can be added to the anchor text signature effect, or you can click directly into your website that is there, but it is important to note that you must check whether the forum joined the "nofollow". The anchor text is mainly done outside of Shanghai Longfeng chain source, the effect is good, suggest that you collect most of the high weight of the forum to write soft add anchor text, so you stand rankings very helpful. I think Links is included and ranking a best of the chain, because Links are basically in the home page, a site of the highest weight of the home page, so that Links is one of the most effective. For example, even if you are in a PR8 forum written over the article, but you know PR8 is the weight assigned to the weight it ZhengZhan, a sub page is almost very small. For the new station if it is to me then I will choose one side to add soft anchor text and their related webmaster exchange Links, like Shanghai will soon be included in your website or update your snapshot. The exchange links need to pay attention to what you can go to search related articles.

left Shanghai dragon industry have been more than 2 years, recently at a friend request in three received a few stations in Shanghai Longfeng, my friend is SF, he let me use formal the fastest way to do before three, he is willing to spend the money. I promised to come down after simple to him to do the next page optimization. The next step is to send the chain, because the chain, Shanghai dragon related forum will visit more, often see the novice often ask forum signature in the end there is no effect? Links the chain ranking effect or forum anchor text of the chain effect is good? Etc. this kind of problem, I see later that they are like when I just started to learn the Shanghai dragon like. In fact, the above mentioned are known outside the chain. But really know what kind of chain form is good, I think a lot of birds do not know.

finally said to me to a few of my friends do the station. I give the friend conservative estimated time is 1 months in the top twenty, 2 months in the top ten, 3 months in the top three. Because my friend is SF, he is willing to spend money, so I gave him to buy links, so the effect is better, the effect of the chain is the best single Links, this will only increase the weight and not export. Now it has been almost a month, he gave me the 3 sites, respectively is the "Blue Moon Legend original legend Liangshan legend" of these 3 words. A month of Shanghai Longfeng report results ranked 18 is a blue moon legend. The original legend ranked second, is the first love of Shanghai Post Bar easily into the first. Liangshan legend ranked in the day before the article published in third, after a day to seventh, the new station is not stable is normal, but I >

Do the chain website optimization website weight let fly.

This point also believe that there is no doubt that the use of nofollow can play a big role in Shanghai dragon, the key lies in how to use, and for what purpose. Here we give new literacy: nofollow tag is the HTML code used in the link part, as long as the link code plus the "rel=nofollow", the search engine (except YAHOO) will think you do not transfer the weight to this page. In fact, Google is the search engine optimization proposal is home page links do not exceed 100 for the best, too much is easy to disperse page weight, resulting in no page ranking. And if in some places use the nofollow tag, it is equivalent to the partial weight redistribution of savings to other pages.

Network marketing the station optimization method for blood collection

the only station, there are the following:

in line with the idea of serving the people, a lot of good collection of useful articles. It’s not a big collided online. If you have the ability to do the original, is the theme of the site a bit of partial knowledge without the ability to find no time, such as some magazines and books on rich academic articles, some of the original but spared by many of the popular copy. Others are with purpose is search engine led around to your website, through your article they felt some kind of beauty, or with a doubt, they will be invisible to you good, virtually formed a kind of reputation pieces. If you for comprehensive understanding and recognition, is likely to contact you.

you share more, you will get more. Like many large websites on the Internet, which is not hard to pay, or to provide people with a variety of convenient services, or forced to create a variety of pastime? They are put into getting what? NO.360 not by free antivirus? This is the shared mode, you get the anti-virus service, he got the popularity of the brand. These will be enough, you can go further, people should also like him better go. With the occurrence of QQ war, people love to it than QQ, because QQ is to dig, in it there to play some small Dongdong need to pay. Also many download service, some websites let you points, or money, and through the search we can get free, why pay the fool? This is sharing this is competition. Sharing can be popular, no matter when always dominated. The owner of the site in provides a lot of convenience to people, income is additional products or call value-added products. Don’t say you every day with advantage of people, they think they do not earn money, as long as the site has always been optimistic about the People are hurrying to and fro., you have to give you the money.

To plan for the


The principle of sharing

network marketing is very concerned about the topic. I don’t want to advocate the idea of listing method, but if you do not write, and appear space, hereby enumerate method summed up in the practice, it is a summary of previous work style. A learned man looks generous with your criticism.

web site before

is the main plan column structure, grasp the user experience, analysis of good money (here means fewer words, but this is very important, and the focus of the company’s outstanding products), create a fresh and unique atmosphere. Otherwise, here is not done well, after rectification within the station to work a lot, but a change, search engine is not too happy, sometimes right down, affect the benefit. The beginning of construction sites, original and non original synchronous. Copy project common sense and project page synchronous. Original this you don’t ask how to write?. This is not taught, depends on their summary. In the medical industry for example, collect the patients pay special attention to the topic, such as the conditions for consultation on, a question and answer, though brief, but can be changed to the original article. Business consulting on can be changed to the original article.

How to expand the horizons of Shanghai dragon pit jump correlation

sees a lot of articles for the association to do a systematic explanation and description, but I want to say is do a clothes shop is really only clothes and related site exchange links? If you really love to read Shanghai search engine that sentence will be found: the correlation is only a small factor to determine the site the user really recommend is an important factor in the website, imagine a website can only rely on the relationship between the development of


and webmaster friends do stand in groups or the blogosphere will do lots of relevant content, I have seen a station group of friends, he is in his guest cosmetics website, station group has more than 30 such cosmetics Amoy sites, these sites are indeed have correlation but want to be accepted Shanghai search engine easier said than done love? Only out of the pit correlation can make our stations more perfect, or when the love of Shanghai search engine’s these websites are falling in love with gross altitude. In addition we must learn to be creative in the website correlation, such as you are selling memory, why don’t we can expand, memory can do, I can not sell hard? Is a magic weapon of development is also out of the relationship between.

jumped out of pit stationmaster must learn to enliven the correlation requirements of creative

especially love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, too many articles to make the wrong judgment on the correlation, correlation is a part of true website development but not all, we may not only related to the content or links in the construction site, more often as a Shanghai dragon to expand out the correlation between the pit, to understand the correlation is not likely to become mainstream, only multi pronged Xiacai is the mainstream of the development of the internet.

jumped out of pit Adsense learn the rational use of correlation requires more resources

must learn to draw out the correlation of Internet experience and knowledge of

The correlation between

may have part of the webmaster feel good, but you don’t know is when you feel good before already have a mature Shanghai dragon group, this group and the ordinary Shanghai dragon is not the same, they are in the hands of a large number of top ranked websites, and if you understand these ranked first the website will find: the establishment method and style completely.

sites out of the pit is also very simple, that is a webmaster want to learn to use more resources in their hands to make the development of the website, to give a very simple example: if you do sell clothes site, you have a friend is selling shoes, you have a friend is to sell the house, if you only sell shoes website content and exchange or only Links exchange, neglected to sell the house; and another site is exactly opposite of you, he is as long as reasonable site exchange, compared to the last you will find your site turnover rate of less than the other 1/3, the rational use of resources is the first step out of the pit of the correlation.

The web site is down right why happened to you

The optimization The

three, don’t try to do Shanghai dragon

collection is common in most of the webmaster, because people are inert and have love take some shortcuts to do what I want to, acquisition has not been recognized by search engines, that the acquisition is a website cheating way, so we in the update time try not to use a collection, because we have a website, in the end the use of collector one or two times caused by K and right down, I think the deal is not too good.

The importance of

as everyone knows a website and the Shanghai dragon optimization are two focus on a webmaster must learn early, we put our website to build up on the late Shanghai dragon optimization to obtain the search engine ranking to obtain considerable traffic get considerable profits, but there are many webmaster have websites drop right after, so today a talk about the website drop right why would happen to us, what should we do to avoid.

above is my personal website summed up some reasons about why right down and avoid right down, hope to all the webmaster can have some help and inspiration, also wish you webmaster website ranking is booming, be promoted step by step.

four, the original article

The original content of

search engine optimization, this rule is mostly their own webmaster experience, but want to do a site and do the word of mouth, only to do our job, put the user experience of the website to promote, to look at your site in a perspective of the viewer, so the site do not deliberately to do optimization.


two, flood uncontrolled collection content

for many webmaster most troubling thing is a website, because many owners for the original do not know where to start, in fact, the original webmaster is not difficult to imagine, the original we first want to write the theme and thought, I can as a diary to complete, but also will not have the words to write, how much is this method, the effect is very good, a lot of the content of the website is the network repeated countless times, the site search engine that did not have any idea about you, the only idea is right down K processing station.

the original manuscript by CSOL plug-in 贵族宝贝csolwg8.o>

, a website main keywords, title frequently modified

for many novice webmaster, pre setting website keyword and title is very important, because we must ensure that set up the main keyword and website title will not change, so to add and modify the first step must be done in place, not enough for three days, five days a small change to change, if so frequently modified the site to drop right is unavoidable, perhaps more serious is the site directly by K.

Xu Jin the ultimate goal of Shanghai Longfeng flow conversion rate

I have a friend that specializes in him is the knowledge flow conversion, he is doing business investment (large profit margins) of this website. Every flow around 100 is not much, but every day he has about 10 people consulting (the equivalent of 10 potential customers), every two days to reach an average of one month. 5 his website conversion rate (% of transactions of enterprise website conversion rate reached number = / website by clicks (i.e., the total number of visits), one thousand people) five people were quite good. Relative to their companies looking for customers salesman every month can reach several orders to comfortable, this is a world of difference, this is the Shanghai dragon can bring benefits.

the fourth step, how to improve the user viscosity, which is commonly referred to as the customer life cycle. More and more sites began to abandon the flow index, focus on the viscosity index. Of course, this is based on the third stage of the quantitative and qualitative changes on. If the back to do a lot, consider looking for venture capital financing on ~ don’t laugh don’t bite me! The proliferation of Shanghai dragon does have a thinking, should dare to see the team behind the most probably it did not actually happen more execution. ~

has previously written a lot about Shanghai Longfeng do, the website content and the construction of the chain and other details of the operation, we change the topic – flow conversion rate problem. Enter the topic before the hope we can keep an empty cup mentality, back to the starting point, think about what we do for Shanghai dragon? Most of the time we are with the answer to this question in the industry.

the next step, whether technical or business strategy adjustment is a refinement and focus of the stage. The task of this stage is to flow to do down. Of course, this is done, not to say do not flow, but high quality, have the flow. Only the only focus, refinement, to make Shanghai dragon more value.

then talk about the specific operation process flow conversion:

to the third step is to further enhance the overall flow of the site up, this time the pursuit of high quality flow. To find their own customers, find customers circle, study how to put this big again. Is this time, Shanghai Longfeng components will weaken a role, user behavior and experience of the design are highlighted. Not really focus on the audience, useful things, to promote the quality of the flow.

whether you are selling products or services sold, first Shanghai dragon is a process, both from the technical maturity process, or from the process of business strategy adjustment, the beginning of this process is certainly an extensive stage. This stage is how to flow to do, of course this stage selected keywords don’t too, as for the choice of heat and heat, have no problem, as long as the flow can go up, whatever. This is my friend and I often disagree. The first is that most people think need to position, standing in the visitor’s point of view of the user’s search habits.

The love of Shanghai bidding keywords on brand protection

was ignorant mind, so were stalking, and is owned by Gome Kuba stalking, really do not know is our luck, or we are lucky. Kuba should put our competitors into! Shame ah! No way, under pressure, only to find a solution. Some foreign friends search keywords, found Kuba only the Anhui and Shanghai regions bidding. Sure do this Kuba keyword bidding to the


check the information found, love has a brand protection Shanghai auction. Need to prepare some information: trademark information – Trademark Office to copy & business license copy – copy of the company, the Shanghai auction service information to love it. So I will contact the boss, the boss gave me an amazing reply, our brand did not apply for registration of a trademark, to check this trademark registered by others! Oh, this is in trouble! No way, which can do the bidding by the Kuba do beautiful to buy key words down network appliances


through our time can be a very good response to some problems, such as: the timely detection of competitor information, their trademark registration must be timely. The times in competitive rankings, once the application of brand protection, competitors cannot buy your brand, so as to effectively prevent the brand bidding status word. Phoenix nest system like ADWORDS, allowed to buy rival brands. That is to say, users search on "beauty buy Electrical Network", you can see "love Shanghai" advertisement. So if you have your own brand to register, apply for favorite brand protection, to prevent future bigger competitors, loopholes.

today we wake up in the morning, you love Shanghai, keyword search website ranking! When I enter the main keywords of our site, is also the name of our company: the United States buy Electrical Network 贵族宝贝315mg贵族宝贝, I was shocked, we are the main keywords Kuba do ppc. The figure below shows the

To the old Shanghai dragon Er article don’t look down on new Shanghai Dragon

first step: start on the layout of the site keywords, in an article on the "Shanghai dragon [] keywords combat pyramid structure layout" already mentioned, at present my keywords layout is not reasonable, we can look at the candy house photography layout of the words, it is just getting started is modified, so far have not modified the future will gradually perfect!

web page code is too messy.

: second months from Zac’s book really learn a lot of knowledge! I live to Shanghai dragon journey in

!Fifth step

, finishing Links, we all know this, I will not nonsense,

Third step to the point! now! account!

the fourth step, the structure of the web site is not good, we all know this website search engine architecture div+css love the most, but my site is not, this is no way to change the

!Second step

in the first month: just contact Shanghai dragon in this industry, really is what all don’t understand, a friend introduced me to this industry, give me the Shanghai dragon this industry is very good entry, so I started looking for work in Shanghai Longfeng, began to hit, in Beijing Shanghai dragon company I do not accept this do not understand what is the Shanghai dragon people, even learning do not give me the opportunity, in a chance, the candy house photography contacted me, give me this opportunity, let me learn to do! So I decided to let you see the old Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai, new dragon is not worse than you! When I started learning is really very confused, Shanghai dragon is the link? I slowly found wrong, Shanghai dragon to learn too much! I bought Zac Shanghai Dragon Feng began to study the actual password, the first month I almost all in learning, and is a registered account! It accumulated a month

: the old site of the most common mistakes is Links are displayed on each page, start a candy house photography station is the same, find the mistake, I quickly dispose of the useless! Web page too much, and use the nofollow attribute to the page weight distribution,

why I wrote this title, because I have just started Shanghai dragon, before many of the old Shanghai dragon attack, today I write this article to prove the new Shanghai dragon is not worse than you! Now live in the moment to write his 113 days to do abortion two occupy Beijing wedding wedding photography studio the word home photography about a year! I live in the present in previous articles mentioned in my experience, is a chance to contact the Shanghai dragon, is also a chance to enter the candy house studio, from March 15th to 7.05 today after 113 days, now the candy house photography it is ranked in the "Beijing wedding photography" love Shanghai rankings stabilized, below summarize my experience of more than 3 months, a lot of hope that we can also hope that pointing! The old Shanghai dragon er

The importance of internal chain and how to carry out the chain optimization

at the bottom of the page.The word around

: first establish

website system, and sitemap is placed in the home, if possible, can be placed at the bottom of each page, so the search engines crawl once a page, you can easily crawl all pages. As shown in the bottom case, increase the site navigation column map "

An important part of the


The use of

as teacher Cardiff are especially fond of the practice, make full use of the bottom of the site, this must remember. Must be all columns of the site to set out again at the bottom, add the keyword in the weight of this station, at the same time to search the role of crawler traction. We should use the anchor text form, try to avoid pictures or call js.

" website

third: tag to set up tag

station link, to show the link keyword guide is very important in the text, we sorted out the article, to anchor text links mainly embodies the key search words or key pages on the site, regardless of the user browsing or search engine, it is a good hint this will greatly increase the key link in the browser or search engine heart. This point, most of the owners are very aware of the importance of.

then how to establish good internal links of your site. We use 贵族宝贝5yqd贵族宝贝 as an example to make an explanation.

fifth: "each link

we seem to ignore the importance of internal links, we call the chain. Within the chain to a certain extent and almost equal value chain. Moreover, different from the chain, to see other webmasters face, inside the chain, completely under his control. Do we need to establish internal links.

site navigationSite map sitemap

webmaster all know, the chain for the importance of the rankings, the optimization of the chain is essential for every webmaster. However, the optimization of the chain is really sad history. Every day the crazy chat and collected articles blog accounted for almost 80% of the time.

: the second section of the establishment of

Tag, a great convenience to the users’ browsing habits and hobbies, this search engine is also very friendly. The use of Tag to guide the visitors and the depth of the search engine, is very conducive to optimization. As shown in the case of the site, set up a lot in the bottom of the tag guide, no doubt to the search engine a good hint.

tree structure for search engine optimization, the >


fourth: internal keyword anchor text set up

You should do the chain the chain construction standards

For example,

, the chain of correlation should pay attention to

chain for the role of the well known website ranking. But with the search engine to the attention of the user experience, some methods compared to the original hair of the chain is no longer effective, even will bring negative effects to the site. So, now how to send the chain, can make your site rankings and not be adversely affected? Some of the following criteria, is that you need to pay attention to.


five, the chain form not monotone

The essence of the

three, the weight of the chain to a high of

has 100 sites, each site gives you 1 outside the chain, which is equivalent to 100 people everyone praise you a good. There is a website, this website in your 100 page to your chain, which in turn is 1 person, past Kua Hello repeated 100 times. What a better effect? There is no doubt that more to your site outside the chain, your site will have better ranking, rather than the chain from a handful of several web sites.

two, the source of the chain to a wide range of

who have been hard to do outside the chain, but the site in the search engine performance is always a very bad website, many have such characteristics, that is the chain form is single, such as >


four, outside the chain to be stable enough to

chain, refers to the existence of a chain of time should be long enough, more precisely, the chain and the page where it should be long-term in the search engine’s index database. If I found a web search engine on a chain link to your website, then it may be included, while if the chain is, will give you the website to add a little more points. But if the chain suddenly gone, search engine will think? The chain of benefits is not natural, even a negative impact. Some very stable chain, even the chain for many years, for the benefits of the website is Everfount long and profound.

chain is a kind of vote, other web site to your web site a favour, apparently the most authoritative ticket from the same site. Outside the chain of an irrelevant site, although not completely worthless, but apparently the persuasion is questionable. From the peer is not the same, after all, everyone is the understanding of the industry, so who knows what the website is good in the industry. Among these, the chain is the most valuable thing from competitors, although this is very difficult.

The stability of

is also a chain, but from a well-known authority website industry, one from the unknown, even just on the line of the railway station, which is more valuable? It’s like, also praised you play football well, but a compliment is a do not understand football the passers-by, and the other one is Messi, who would be more reference value self-evident. The chain from high weight website, search engine will pay more attention to.

What are the performance of the web site is down right

8, keyword stuffing. The love of Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, so the key is reducing weight factor fatal;

5, changes in website of more than 30%, if you feel the need to enhance the user experience, you can slowly change, reduce the momentum of reform, the extending period, so that we can accept the search engine (once the case, noble color wrong baby logo, Google changed a little bit every day, spent 45 days to change the normal value, so as not to cause the user antipathy.

2, without any update or love Shanghai snapshot date much earlier;

9, website optimization excessive, or by deception;

1, the stability of the server, instead of your visit is now generally stable, stability is that all day long 24 hours stable.

3, focus on user experience and content of the site itself, reduce the optimization efforts to prevent excessive optimization;

1, the main keyword ranking dropped, as in the original home of keywords, now suddenly dropped to dozens of pages or can not find the place;

2, website optimization code, change the structure. Let the page source code more concise and practical, lightweight structure more convenient, the search engine spiders.


three, a solution to web site is down right:

10, there is K or drop right site D-Link, penalized sites will cause our website implicated;

5, PR decreased by

2, check your website or server, is hanging the horse, even hanging horse, not a one-time. All the web pages all removed, otherwise there will be a large number of dead links

4, modified > can’t change the title and keywords such as "lottery game"

4, a lot of long tail keywords ranking drop

7, reduce the external links to the web site of the weight or quantity decreased, which requires us to adhere to the daily inspection of friends chain or check the external connection number;


3 included decreased gradually, no new

4, the title change website, the title should not be too much or change frequently join or piled up a lot of strange words in the title of

1, regularly update the content, increase the original related content;


two, which causes the site to drop right

, what is the right of the site is down

11, the website collection content or high repetition of articles;

site right down to what the performance


3, sensitive words appear on the content of the website;

6, whether or not to design a website, content changes or not? Whether the path of change? This is the common cause of right down;


To solve the problems included three awesome Technology

(1), page open speed

(3), the degree of interaction of users (top, like this kind of

I have no problem — the extent of demand, implicit demand

news not frequently updated and valuable for the user to solve user problems such as news updates, promotional information, company relocation, the relocation of the plant, the management strategy adjustment, the adjustment of cooperation matters.

3, with the added value of

three, including content of what is

(2), the user experience of

user needs

4, the scarcity of

, why




search engine for the content is included, to look at the target user groups demand degree


1, the audience size

example: jade bracelets – to identify the authenticity of all, fear of fakes, we can provide the jade bracelet to identify the authenticity of the video


the user needs the love of Shanghai may be included, timeliness, scarcity of information and so on love Shanghai included will be faster, the user is in demand, such as: we can think to buy a bracelet bracelet people will want to know what it is, price, quality, is not genuine and so on, we can tap the user needs in order to increase the number included website through love Shanghai, love Shanghai through the drop-down box to search keywords recently users, we can tap the user needs the keywords we update the article, when we will be in Shanghai in search of love bracelet size bracelet bracelet bracelet bracelet picture, price, brand. Bracelet measurement and so on keywords, we can update the content through the above keywords, in order to obtain the website ranking.


not only depends on the content you sometimes provide the value of the amount, the audience is also a very important factor to

do I have excellent people, more than others,

audience is very concerned is to be updated.

reprint news will be included, their original article not included? Has reproduced the value of communication, the audience is high, the timeliness of the content.

Ma and I log, who included fast? Ma, because of his audience than I do

content have timeliness to include what content?

error: included is the basis of ranking weight, not necessarily you included more, your weight will be ranked high, included with rank and weight has no direct relationship.

Standard of

The love of Shanghai to share access to quality content reflects the degree of

with the frequent updates of the chain algorithm, chain becomes more and more low, therefore, the original content is the webmaster attention, I believe that the Baidu education, so hard to do the content on the website, but the quality of the content is there, but it was in the rankings. In the end, love Shanghai at present for the original identification technology is still not enough, quality content is buried in the Internet meet the eye everywhere. So the chain suck, the content of the short time content not to reflect the situation, how do we do website optimization

three, after reflow

share, you can join the QQ group with the group of friends brush share mutual brush, which can guarantee the extensive sharing of IP, reduce the share of traces of cheating. If a relationship has enough widely, also can call to relatives and friends to share. But note that can not use the software to brush.

share note frequency

two, improve the authenticity of


, join the QQ group each brush

shareWhen the

normally, we are to share the love of Shanghai, in the collection, in the collection list once again visit the website to share is called back. You can return to the search engines that the site is valuable, so users are willing to once again visit the website. The return process, still have to click on a different page, and in stages, each page stay for a long time.


in each brush, in order to improve the authenticity of the share, can negotiate with each other in search site keywords in the search engine (recommended manual input key, avoid direct copy), and then on the site in phases to open several web pages, and each stage for 3 to 5 minutes. Finally return to the home page to share web page. But must pay attention to the tail, behind the website URL there will be some unnecessary code, remove the code is real number sharing website. During the procedure, you can ask the full screenshot.

share as the chain operation, should be stable, can not share today dozens, tomorrow is not shared. It is easy to be found is cheating. And should keep the chain and content while sharing the update, improve the site’s overall activity.

all the time, the user experience is considered a key site optimization, and Shanghai love sharing tools as a product, a highly interactive love Shanghai’s share so the website can really reflect to the popularity of the website. Against the serious situation in the chain today, if in the content of the website and the quality of the chain, the number of sites to be shared more, so there is a lot of promotion for the site’s ranking. So how to increase the number of love Shanghai

In order to improve the authenticity of the

for new sites, especially the enterprise website, because traffic is not high, in the search engine.


K12 online education dilemma and broken bureau investors is how to seeHow do you commercialize your

The above

currently has 15% online education companies have closed down or about to close, and another 70% are at a loss, the core is the business model is not clear.


recently released its first earnings report after the listing, the industry mixed with 51Talk, and several online education start-ups were on the verge of bankruptcy due to financing difficulties……


one, K12 online education was originally expected by investors

based on the domestic extra-curricular tutoring rate, even in accordance with the annual per capita expenditure of 3500 yuan of conservative calculation, the market size is at least 500 billion or more; and the next 3 years of CAGR is expected to reach 20%.

online education in the target population penetration is low, significantly enhance the space


K12 education market size 500 billion, showing a long-term large and diverse industry pattern; originally carrying the mission of the transformation of online education company after the capital blitz, is a dilemma in the start-up, has no new giant in expectation.

three, Freemium model is not applicable in the education sector, commercial path exploration bottlenecks encountered


What’s wrong with

two, whether content providers or platform providers, most of them do not solve the user’s real pain point, but stay in the surface demand

K12 2.

takes the primary and secondary school students in the K12 phase as an example. The number of online users grows rapidly, but the total number of students in the corresponding primary and secondary schools is only 10.64%.

K12 online education startups,

1. K12 extracurricular training market size, pattern of long-term dispersion, online education companies have good opportunities

competition pattern has been highly dispersed for a long time, and the total market share of Top 3 in domestic extracurricular training industry accounts for < 3%, and Top10’s accumulative market share is < 4%; and the basic chain mode is mainly offline.



survey background:

At 123 million

blog market?



China stage K12 users have two pain points: first and foremost, win in the competition of the scarcity of educational resources "knockout", the decisive entrance examination, to write Mathematical Olympiad, English, essay contest prize. Secondly, to enhance practical application ability. For example: in English learning process, can enhance listening and speaking ability; in mathematics practice, can exercise logical thinking ability.

shlf1314 never told you make a big money trilogy with AdsenseDirect advertising helps advertisers ea

, Chapter 1     how to make more money with shlf1314  Adsense

shlf1314 only wants a small fraction of your website traffic. And they’re willing to pay a lot of money for this small amount of traffic!

For those who complain about their

and Adsense make it easier!

the money in your sight.

adsense won’t let you choose the content of your ad, it won’t tell you the law of the AD show, nor will it tell you how much each click cost. But that’s good because it saves you a lot of trouble. it does provide some control functions. In this book, I’ll teach you how to use these resources to better control Adsense.

The fact that the original


I is from June 2003 to Adsense, initially only in a few pages on a few Adsense advertising.

When the

although I don’t see what Adsense has potential at the time, but I want to put it a few pages no harm.

      experts believe: as the representative of the third generation of online advertising model, direct advertising to seize the "double-edged sword technology and application" of the Beijing World Wide Web Nexis, advertising services, Internet services and communication services integration, to achieve the precise control of the sale of advertising, interactive communication between the two sides, and reach through the depth of communication to promote the marketing, the ideal state and create business value, the online advertising industry and the whole advertisement industry progress plays a huge role in promoting.

      web advertising is the direct lianxun following the first generation network advertising portal lead and lead to shlf1314 and sh419’s second generation network advertising mode, click on the search rankings after the emergence of a new third generation model representative of network advertisement. It’s a new version of the online advertising model for PayPerCall, which is known as pay per call advertising. Both the technical characteristics of PayPerCall itself, with its own unique advantages, relying on a strong network and telecommunications industry technical advantages and background, direct advertising has been successfully achieved, including Sina and sh419, dozens of domestic website cooperation, accumulated rich resources of network media platform, let advertising directly to the target consumers. Implementation of Internet users and advertising direct two-way communication and feedback.

      operation principle of direct advertising: advertisers to advertise for advertisers on the site; consumers interested in advertising products and click free calls button and advertisers place calls. For advertisers, advertising charges are charged according to the length of the call, and technology itself blocks the lie and fraud. The telephone communication way to create business value, is the real "calls", is the most direct means of sales, but also meet the CRM Customer Relationship Management demand, to facilitate businesses to master the first-hand information of consumers; for buyers and sellers to achieve homes can be heard at home "effect" – really easy!

      Web lianxun Sales Manager Ma Qian said: to open up channels has been the most important work lianxun marketing management. When the IT industry is profitable, the channel operators are more committed to "digestion", and the completion of sales is their only important task. However, as the IT market matures, the market competition is more intense, channel operators also need to do the corresponding transformation and adjustment. The requirements of the users are deepening, and higher requirements for the business ability of the channel will be put forward

 :     experts believe that: in 2006, IT industry is entering the era of the channel, which is the essence of China’s IT process! Giving full play to the constructive role of the channel will be the most powerful way for enterprises to win in the competition!

Analysis of RC domain name registration renewal rebate planSeveral types of online money, I suggest

online gameThe rise of the

but you not in July reached 105, only 75 renewals in August, September, and have carried out renewals, then these are statistics together, as long as three month renewals reached 105, then your July renewal rate will be considered to achieve the objectives.

a lot of contact stiffness contact Wangzhuan friends, see all kinds of online ads dizzy, one will see this that make money, one will see that that money, tossing to and fro, finally did not earn a penny, in fact, the so-called project, it is free Wangzhuan several classes to contain, novice first you have to choose a class of its own, and then work hard to learn, to study, insist on doing it to make money, not today in this class, then a final tomorrow, each contact, but are not proficient in everything.

industry relatively early, but only in recent years has become the scale, by playing games or equipment and coins sold to the game player to gain, now set up many studios, some others have sold, leveling, and even scold!!! "


click on the others to get revenue through advertising, the price is very low, but you can get paid by the way to pull off the assembly line, a little less, but hundreds of thousands of people every day many, generally 10-20 advertising, can do a few sites, the need to do Wangzhuan do the protracted psychological preparation. This kind of general is not recommended to do, effective slow, long time, I have seen this kind of monthly hundreds of knives of friends, also do is foreign station, cheating, plus pull down line, more accounts, more site operation.

ResellerClub this domain name renewals this, personal feeling is more humane, presumably this is an advantage, taking the foreign host domain name, as far as possible the interests expand to the agents in return, common development and progress, and the ResellerClub in order to show China’s ambition to enter, then activate the agent account before September 3rd. All incentives account can enjoy the highest level of the agent price.


this mode of making money is through some platforms do questionnaire, through your questionnaire whether pass, give certain commission, this model make money more stable, but more tired. If you choose this class, it is recommended to go abroad to do some research station, do not understand English, simple, shlf1314 browser to help you solve.

, take a look at their official list of listings,

surfing Wangzhuan

many people are yearning for, there are many articles on the subject, and as the estimated grassroots we can really make money not much, Asia’s largest domain registrar ResellerClub, launched last week Chinese website resellerclub/cn, they provide the domain name service agent, the last analysis of the ResellerClub domain name registration rebate things see: ResellerClub domain name registration rebate plan, today we have to look at a plan. They return domain renewal.

this is relatively simple, register a good account, enter a URL hang up, once was a very good project, but with the accession to the increase now, the unit price reduced, has declined.

online voting


said it had to admire the foreigner, the domain name registration with rebates, domain name renewals also with rebates, really is where all the money! Nonsense not say to the point:

survey Wangzhuan

from their table can not be seen in the back of the actual domain renewal, they give rebate amount is very large, and this is the official renewal gives more humane solution, specific plan is, domain name renewals will advance into the accounting of renewal rates, for example if, in July a total of 150 domain name expires in August 25, September 50 domain name expires, domain name expires, and your average renewal rate is 50%, the renewal rate is 70%, which is 105.

sells good software by acting on behalf of someone else, so it’s important to choose a good software, and you need to have some marketing skills.

through the task of the main publisher’s request to vote, so as to get a commission, but the Commission is relatively low, generally suitable for novices to do.

I don’t have to dwell on, is to open shop, but need to supply it, but also have certain advantages, such as low product prices, product monopoly, new product style and so on, now in the market for Taobao, if you do not have some advantage that others do not, it is difficult to survive.

, let’s see, let’s say something about it:

click Wangzhuan

software agent

ResellerClub official said that their domain name renewal rebate is a standard, it is not as long as the renewals with rebates, their renewal standards must be more than 100, they also have a goal at renewal time, if the last three months the average renewal rate is less than 65%, the growth rate of renewals 10%, when you reach your goal, each domain enjoy rebates of 20 cents, back in the next month in the form of money to return to your account.

Taobao Wangzhuan

shop Wangzhuan

In 2014, Ma, the world’s best entrepreneur, was selectedYiwu Institute of Commerce opened 2000 shop

in fact, many students have set up shop early on Taobao, and even the relevant school leaders are very supportive, encouraging the majority of students online entrepreneurship. It is understood that, in Zhejiang, Yiwu business school, there are more than 2000 students through the Taobao shop on entrepreneurship, monthly income of less than 1000, more than ten thousand. Is the school vice president Jia Shaohua as a baby in the College of Junior Yang Fugang, by selling cosmetics online, has 350 thousand monthly sales, net profit of 6~7 million yuan, and has hired 8 full-time employees, with the rapid development of the company, will also recruit 4 students. In Jia Shaohua’s view, the case of Yiwu business school is not a separate case, but a good thing with extensive promotion and practical value. "Our practice is a good proof that, now college students entrepreneurship through the network can not only handle the relationship between learning and entrepreneurship, but also can really solve the employment problems of its own in the land, even to solve the employment problem of other people, is a very good thing."


, the largest IPO founder in the U.S. stock market,

Yiwu Business School 2000 people open shop

is well known that Fadell was a senior executive of the Apple Corp and led the development of the famous iPod. After leaving apple, Fadell set up Nest Labs and served as CEO, the company developed Nest learning wireless thermostat, called smart home solutions representative. Nest temperature controller based on Linux system can track user’s schedule and run program according to user’s working habits and customs, thus reducing the cost of heating and cooling of home by 20%. According to a rough estimate, the $249 product has been reduced to 2 billion kwh of energy for all users over the last 3 years, enough to last 180 thousand homes in the United states.

three to five years incubation ten million "tomorrow net business"

of the convoy action group will hand the domestic Alibaba more than 1000 schools, Alibaba relying on e-commerce platform and the subsidiaries of the group resources, by providing e-commerce training, Taobao entrepreneurial platform, create new jobs and China university students held "tomorrow network business" challenge and other ways to promote the students to use the Internet to achieve business or employment. Among them, at the start of this year "tomorrow network business" challenge, Alibaba group set up 200 thousand yuan venture fund, and provides 100 thousand entrepreneurial opportunities and 5000 internship opportunities to help students go to Internet business road 100 thousand. As we have learned, Alibaba hopes to hatch inside 3~5 year, breed ten million "tomorrow net business"".

is in fact so, Nest Labs has begun to spend shlf1314 money: they bought the smart surveillance camera maker Dropcam for $555 million. Dropcam supports users accessing or storing video from any platform, such as desktops, tablets, smartphones, and Nest Labs products that integrate this functionality so that users can monitor their property more closely. In addition, Nest Labs integrates the functions of companies such as Control4, Crestron and RTI into their home automation systems.

is a major goal for Taobao this year to help college students achieve their jobs through entrepreneurship. To this end, Taobao will be officially launched in May undergraduate entrepreneurship platform, which is currently the most professional university students C2C entrepreneurial services web site.

lead: new technologies to subvert the industry’s play and surprise IPO new record, so that the past 2014 has become a wonderful year.



Taobao next month to push C2C venture website


Jason Ankeny

master smart home development lifeline

from an ordinary teacher to China’s top wealth



in the face of increasingly severe employment situation, in April 17th, the Alibaba announced the group in thousands of colleges and universities, to promote employment and Entrepreneurship of College Students Network escort operations using e-commerce platform to conduct business or employment "". Reporters yesterday also learned that the Alibaba group’s Taobao will officially launch the undergraduate C2C business service website next month.

November 2013, Nest Labs again launched the new product of Internet of things Nest Protect, a networked smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, priced at $99. The product has further strengthened their market position. Just two months later, shlf1314 bought the Nest Labs for $3 billion 200 million in cash – the second largest acquisition in shlf1314 history. After the acquisition, Nest Labs still retain a certain degree of independence, and some analysts believe that they will use the shlf1314 influence and resources will continue to force the product to expand the scope of intelligent home appliances and home security devices such as intelligent lock.

believes that in the future, although Fadell himself has not come to our home, he can see his shadow everywhere.

Do Wangzhuan do first station program of common stationPinterest pioneer Wists’s story of eating cra

1. static station, we usually also called HEML or HTM station, direct static pages, of course, there are a lot of PHP program can generate HTML pages, it is convenient to search engines and content capture, read faster, the establishment of the first choice.

5. all the space is supported by HTML, and the ASP space can only run ASP and ACCESS databases and HTML, but cannot run PHP.


Lesson fourth in The biggest difference between



, let’s talk about the types of stations that are common. Especially in the first stage of the new foundation, you want to do Wangzhuan, terminal must first have a profit. This terminal should be placed on your station. This station can be a blog limit too much. The most important of their own, their own domain name, space. Self management, can learn a lot of knowledge.

our common Wangzhuan advertising pages, most of them are HTML, the general choice of static space can be, cheap.

current mainstream procedures, PHP+MYSQL database, such as our corn bus BBS, that is, using the DZ PHP+MYSQL program, and some collection procedures.

I created this photo sharing site in 2005, and a year later, it has attracted a lot of female users who enjoy sharing the beautiful pictures of their crafts on Wists.

Wists and Pinterest is that it exists as a product blog promotion platform, and the business nature is more obvious.

The Because

4.ACCESS database program, ASP space upload can run, low security, low prices. SQL or MYSQL need to buy database space separately, it is more troublesome to configure the database first, and the security and speed of reading are faster. The price is more expensive.

said, Wists, probably not a few people know; but you must know Pinterest; and Wists is Pinterest deserved ancestors, but unfortunately has become a martyr.

RSS and Yelp, I heard too many words of praise, guilty conscious due; but for visual bookmarks choose a picture like bookmarks as the new photo sharing mode of the invention, I hide my pride. After all, it’s not really an invention. It’s a simple thing that can’t be simpler. But it is moving in the right direction, and now the growing Pinterest is growing up this way.

editor’s note: the author of this article is David Galbraith, one of the founders of RSS and Yelp, who founded Wists in 2005 and pioneered the picture sharing model now used by Pinterest. He was an architect, midway diverted to become entrepreneurs.

please indicate: corn Wangzhuan forum

bus is used for corn Wangzhuan forum simple language to explain these type:

regular stations are basically used SQL or MYSQL database, because the running speed is fast, and the safety factor is high.

we often speak of static stations, dynamic stations, PHP stations, ASP stations, etc.. As an old saying goes, don’t get to know the concept, or how long will it take you to study to see what PHP is and what ASP is?. People already do not know what is

initially, we called the Wists service "visual bookmarking", and later changed it to "social shopping", because users mostly share what they want to buy on Wists. The site initially made profit by buying additional links via pictures, which is exactly what Pinterest did. When users browse other web sites, they can click on favorite pictures and add descriptions to share with friends.


I worked with the Twitter team for a while, and I visited them again a month ago. Biz Stone asked me why I said Wists was a garbage. He thought I was too modest. Only I know, Wists is really a fast made defective product. As a designer, I just want you to see a finished and perfect work. And what I want to tell entrepreneurs is, do what you can, and

, when I invested $one billion in Wists, it’s a memorable history, and it’s still running, just dying.

2.asp first seen, and most common, PHP now mainstream, JSP frequency of use..

3. database is the ACCESS database which is the simplest and most commonly used and has now been upgraded to MYSQL this security is high,

Wangzhuan novice preferred: of course is to start from the most simple page advertising program. That is, a static HTML page. This directly download someone else’s modification of the code on it. And the price of space is cheap.