Those who are still ranking outsourcing enterprises you are cheating, made

some sinister outsourcing companies, optimization will not give you to do core words, although they have such fees regulations, but when you really choose to do, will be a variety of reasons for customers to "guide", as the saying goes: choose the long tail word, better spend less, has good effect, accurate do rankings.


cheating means: three false flow word, does not exist or the weight of


cheating means two: not standard optimization, not up to no loss of

is the inside pages, and some of the outsourcing company, let you use the home page to do such a ranking, can say is: Waste in order to achieve the purpose of use unscrupulous divisive tactics.

cheating means: to vigorously promote the low degree of competition long tail word


said some outsourcing, we can ensure that the weight of at least 3 months from 0 to 3, or 3-5. Indeed some of the powerful strength of the team can do. But that does not mean that all companies can do. But basically is to fish in troubled waters. Do the outsourcing industry now is very disorderly! Well, or the actual plans to speak:

do you really think that you spend a little money, others will give you every day to do updates, promotion chain, modify the station problem? In fact, most companies have a point: the mass of the chain, station links, to take rank for you, it will go up, not to give you a refund directly! This loss is not much human.

for example: "from Xuzhou to Zhangjiajie tourist routes, such words? From the fall in love with the sea, there are a lot of promotion in. But this does not mean that the word "hot", but for accurate delivery. At the same time look at:


we look at an example:

in fact result? Such words are basically will give you up to do, but often is "keywords, keywords No one shows any interest in" no competition! You can count on these words, how much of the "customer" for you?

read? To know is to understand, if you don’t understand, this technology did not do in-depth explanation! Really do good site, will not do such cooperation, sacrifice the long-term interests of the website, in exchange for temporary "prosperity"


didn’t want to write such a topic, every industry has its value. As the "outsourcing" ranking, pay someone to do promotion ranking. But the actual final effect? Scanty effective, money is playing water ticket is ignorant, even said: "take the money, you should be worth it!" but you really is cheating,



How to use the data in the operation optimization analysis to understand user behavior and enhance t

Let’s take a look at the

first, the analysis of user behavior on website article clicks. The author thinks that whether an article has value, not as they think that their writing is the high value of the article, this is obviously biased, it is mainly according to the user behavior to diagnosis and analysis, here the author recommended practice is to look at the number of clicks, generally by the enterprise station as an example many sites are the network developed by the company, in the process of developing itself to the statistical website article clicks, do not underestimate this function, a small function can help us clear analysis of each article clicks, we look at the below.

icon this heat map is analysis of data on the day, the heat we can clearly see the web page click 17 times, page views of 32, in which the author marked with a red circle is that the user clicks the most, most concentrated in key areas of concern, we get to this icon the conclusion is that academic exchanges, security products, contact is indicated marked pale yellow, that these places are the most concentrated areas of concern, through the user click behavior we can adjust the distribution of optimization methods, such as the user for academic knowledge is concerned, we find this industry pilfering valuable academic works, including the celebrity and academic hot topic, increase writing efforts, product display column, not words Yu, the company’s new product trends in time.

the above article is the author is responsible for a enterprise site, click the number we can clearly see that the number of points in comparison, we can do is click rate according to the topic of strengthening creative efforts, can take into account the number of update frequency and, for clicks fewer articles we gradually reduce the scope of writing to do so, the purpose is to provide valuable information for the user, make the website article from the theme more in line with the user’s reading taste, this is undoubtedly enhance the user experience to improve user viscosity small skills.

second, the use of statistical thermodynamic diagram to analyze the Shanghai love website click of.



site operation and maintenance in the process of optimization, the author sums up the three stages, the first stage is the new station on the line after the release of the spider web content to cultivate a sense of trust, the second phase included the quantity increase, the chain website weight content of the construction of both phases of ascension, after the third phase of ascension website weight, keywords ranking stable maintenance period the author, and to explore the theme of today is on the site after the weight stable period how to analyze user behavior and enhance the user experience with the data, and thus the stability of the weight and website ranking, the Xi’an Lantian jade network has been pursuing the optimization of such ideas, the main keywords Lantian jade has the stable location in Shanghai love home for the first 2 years well, we continued to analyze the short.

Love is not love Shanghai reflection into the sandbox after one month

industry in the summary, the snapshot is slow, included less, low ranking is down right, right down to the recovery period rapidly, most will recover in a few days or half a month; and, not included in the new ranking is entered sandbox performance. As for the love Shanghai sandbox period is long, there is no clear conclusion, but most people agree the 30 day to the 120 day period. For those who have not returned half ranking website, it is very likely that your website content is not enough, love Shanghai has completely abandoned it.

also love Shanghai and fell in love with Hisense office sandbox seems a little coincidence in concept, but people tend to trust for this time period of one or two months after the establishment of the station, this time from the website home page to be included in the page, love Shanghai to the railway station in Shanghai to test; love sandbox people tend to think that, because of the website or other changes caused by the attention of search engines, which will be placed on the website ranking, it is not a simple ranking, site changes were observed by this way.

I love Shanghai site into the sand box is not taken, the structure and the content instead you can also use this time to adjust the site, anyway have no rankings, so do not worry about what the site will affect the flow adjustment. If we can use this period of time will be the site of the optimization is not standard specification, then after the sandbox period it is possible to get a good ranking.

of course, these words are comforting words, the following is simple how I love is not the standard adjustment optimization. I hope to enter the website also love Shanghai sandbox webmaster help.

love is not no ranking, I started to think about is Links, because they increase the chain is regular, there will not be much problem; indeed, I found the view Links May 4th exchange to a station link, or PR2 station link. The station is simply link each page to the site you are Links, this is equivalent to you increase thousands or even tens of thousands of the chain. Why? Because I found love net YAHOO chain directly from hundreds of thousands to increase, which illustrates that the station link can rapidly increase the chain. For the love of Shanghai, tens of thousands of overnight increase outside the chain of high quality means death. I think this is love.

According to the But

network is not love without love since May 6th Shanghai ranked, but included snapshot, is still very good, still maintains the reprint articles within a minute included records; but even included again soon, and no new snapshot, ranking all efforts to close to zero. Some time ago I looked at a variety of information, this is the beginning of love Shanghai officially confirmed the sandbox performance.

for new sites for half a month, ranking has dropped a great suffering, not to mention there is no ranking for several months, this is not the re establishment of the station, about two months and can get enough good rankings. Although I want to re station, but after a lot of thought decided to actively look for reasons to enter the sandbox, ranking and site restoration efforts.

Love Shanghai to find the website snapshot weight in the baidu

We can see through the

snapshot update, we know that the spider is on the site which part of grasping the content, so that we can control the contents of the snapshot, when we want to change the baidu snapshot, just.

4, by the snapshot to control the contents of the snapshot

1, by the snapshot can reflect the degree of concern

2, the snapshot can reflect whether the site is in love with the sea down the right treatment

Describe the text through

spider web crawling to what information as a snapshot of the description of the

site in Baidu

in the baidu system, good quality of the website is updated every day, we can see the rankings good website, basically can reflect the law, but not to be optimistic about the website, the snapshot is not updated for a long time, the same site keywords ranking is not good to go the more high weight website, Baidu are concerned, every day to update, and included a certain number of quality articles.

love Shanghai snapshot, I want him for our website what it means to know Shanghai Longfeng, of course, some people don’t pay attention to this snapshot, when we finally after a long struggle, the word will promote to the desired position, when the website ranking stable, it must at any time love Shanghai snapshot, because the snapshot time can keep us informed of the degree of attention to the site in Baidu, in a certain sense, the weight is Baidu response to our website. Let Baidu every day to pay attention to the website, fill the content of the website is very important and necessary to have the quality of articles within the chain update, website design, structure design, the URL address of the optimization, the chain and Links station are very important. Therefore, a website operator must pay attention to every detail, a snapshot of the site is also important, Baidu can give us a snapshot of time response of many problems.

website is a snapshot every few days, good quality of the website is a snapshot of the day and update. When your website snapshot has been normal, but one day you suddenly find the website snapshot stop updating, this time we should pay more attention to the. Why your website is not updated, in fact, the reason is very simple, Baidu has given you a warning, you may have no recent update, no quality is worth Baidu to update, or you are too much optimization, leading to Baidu on your site were temporary, this time do not careless, should conscientiously do what their attorney recently, if there is an error promotion place should be promptly corrected, otherwise it will begin to drop right, ranking will decline slowly, until the station was K.


snapshot spider is the place in which access to our website information, and as the text updates into a snapshot, spider, information extraction rule is described, a web page is "

The training aims to strengthen the collective website revision user experience

New Oriental

part of the study site, found that most study sites are still the leading article for at home, forced to hang on the slide, recommended reading headlines etc.. Forced receiving mode, can let users feel boring. Education is not equivalent to the station station, each one of the site’s users are seeking something, you think your website can provide what information.

as shown below:

At the

in the summer, the composition class websites usually search for fake.

2, analysis of For example,


1, improve the site’s conversion rate of

233 online home page navigation column

sites which is based on the traditional recommend their training courses for profit driven line line. In case of New Oriental, and relates to the field of study, including PubMed, primary and secondary school examination, each of the categories below, and contains a number of small categories. How to let the user most quickly find the resources they want, how to let users know what resources are free, which is free of charge. Do not allow users to waste time on the site, or you will lose them. Good navigation, good website search engine improves the efficiency of user clicks, is undoubtedly the weapon to retain users.

Education station is very concerned about the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is half of the time in the study of words, we can love station, webmaster tools to inquires, also can take the love of Shanghai index to reference, but for the website, more direct way is your site users click. What are in the investigation site search, click search in which column, using these words to do keyword optimization, will be less. We all know that love Shanghai click algorithm, how to do precision marketing, and this is a reason.

site in order to reduce the weight of revision, improve the user experience, what is the effect of this

training website is an important branch of education websites, as well as the medical industry, Shanghai love of education industry in the several upgrades also special care. After two rounds of a major reshuffle, found that various training sites have taken corresponding measures. One of the biggest change is on the home page and column page navigation part and search for the revision.

The change of New Oriental ? The author examines the other

data, allowing users to become your Shanghai dragon vane


page navigation column

, in addition to make us feel some website become the atmosphere, there are many small details, such as the search box in the website logo, increase user interaction column, on the site of hot section identification and so on. The optimization and upgrading, let us feel the development direction of Education station, began to user centric, rather than to promote training service center.

Most of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er love weight mistake

then look at my home, whether included;

What is the meaning of love Shanghai Love is love Shanghai Shanghai

how to correctly determine the weight of

home have not reached the requirements included, the weight of 1, so the data you believe? I don’t believe that, as for why the home is not included, because a few days ago the site closed down the right, arguably in Shanghai love weight algorithm, the cumulative weight loss already, but check the webmaster tool data but more than 3 IP, is very unreasonable.

1. included the length of time: from some large web sites is not difficult to find some high weight platform included are very good, even if it is a copy of the old content, as long as a paste up, after a few minutes you can reach the second, so it shows the love of Shanghai trust on the site is already very high; and for some new sites or low weight website, published articles and short one or two weeks, as long as three May will show included, which shows Website Trust still stays in the primary, still need the cumulative weight, we can try to publish a high quality articles on its website, and then look at the collection time on closing day within.

for love Shanghai weight, more friends care about how to improve the Shanghai love weight, how to improve the site traffic, but if you truly understand the love of Shanghai weight? Do you think love Shanghai weight and how come? Today, Cen Huiyu to their point of view to express their understanding of love Shanghai weight think again, not welcome;


weight of trust on a web site, the higher the weight, the higher the degree of trust, the natural ranking will be better, the weight of many friends know, are standing nets or Adsense tools check out the weight from love, before a friend took a website to see me for a week, how do 1 of the weight, I looked at the results, only included a home page, but in the webmaster tools query is the weight, the reason is because there is a keyword index detection ranking, but I according to the keywords to search, did not find the word ranking, for this situation, I can only laugh;


first look at a real case, let you see why I don’t want you too dependent on the webmaster tools data, such as a map is my website, the detection result is estimated on the weights of 1, IP is 3, on the general enterprise station, you can take it to estimate the flicker boss;

love Shanghai


for love Shanghai weight, is very difficult to ponder over, a lot of people don’t know how to judge whether Shanghai love enough to trust a website, usually only third party tools, check out the weights for such weights, I don’t think it should be called love Shanghai weight, should be called the webmaster webmaster tools to check the weight; the weight is only for reference;

How to increase with bugs love Shanghai related domain

I love Shanghai related domain, improve the optimization, helps to promote? "Bugs before we also talked about how software marketing chain construction". When we add a keyword, can the URL of the website keywords, add a key link, also write on their website links, it reflects is the form of a hyperlink; if you want to display the text display, it will directly add URL as the keyword link, there is another blank signature can be written as 贵族宝贝7sola贵族宝贝, this is the signature of the hyperlinks, can also increase the love of Shanghai related domain, as in other software parameter settings, personal website can also fill in your web site, registered user can write their own web site, the last is at the time of the release paper added, such as plain text. The article added at the end of the article source, or.

, a display form of love in Shanghai region

three, how to increase Shanghai love related domain

recently had friends ask how to increase the love Shanghai related domain to use insect insect marketing software, this is actually a very simple question. We first analyze what does love Shanghai relevant domain, this is the Shanghai dragon ER to understand things, so today at Chong Shanghai Longfeng a know what are the related domain, and how to use the worm to have sex in Shanghai region.


two, Shanghai related to the domain of love

love Shanghai related domain is a very important index, on the one hand to the site can be demonstrated by the comprehensive strength; secondly can be used to analyze the competition website; finally, also from the Shanghai region can be seen side of love love Shanghai collection, capture, and can better do love Shanghai ranking. Especially the new entrants to the Shanghai dragon ER, the optimization is not much concept, for the love of Shanghai Google optimization optimization, also do not know what is the difference mechanism. In the love of Shanghai related domain can complete analysis to find all aspects as long as URL place to stay. In fact, love is not related to Shanghai domain has certain effectiveness in optimization, and to do the promotion, publicity, has a very large impact on the brand.

with bugsHow to increase

love Shanghai domain the most direct search syntax is domain format domain: domain name. For example, to query the domain station is written with domain:www.chong贵族宝贝 in Shanghai Longfeng, love the domain name return last Shanghai shows the original form: 1, direct return to the most direct URL contains the inquiry page 2, its content page contains the domain name in the station page 3, external links, can be divided into super link, signature, text three, 4 pure web directory website, blog, forum, etc.. 5, the message of this link. These are the domain related domain displayed things, also showed the chain wide domain you do.

Keywords to the site selection is a branch of knowledge

first, must grasp the correlation.

believe that the webmaster friends do when the site will have a plan, a purpose, is also the site we made out of what is, is used to find a partner, to find customers, or buy their products and so on, we just bought a piece of land, we use it to building a house or a vegetable, the first to grasp the direction in large areas, and then slowly subdivision, is later site columns, typesetting, put what website and so on, this is what we call the correlation grasp, identify the focus of the web site where the central idea, then all around this the central idea to start, so that we can ensure that our website is not running in the future development process, we also choose to the site keywords to focus hold website The site is what industry we choose keywords related industries, only do so when our website online, search engine will think of our site theme and content consistent with the strong correlation, will leave a good impression in the search engine there, that we later do when keywords ranking play a multiplier the effect of.

second index, low words will have a spring.


many webmaster website when due to over confidence when choosing keywords habitually choose some high index keywords, while ignoring some relatively low index words, resulting in the website optimization is difficult to pick up early every day, the webmaster query >

to complete the above a series of steps, we need to do most is the keyword ranking to make up, this is a key and difficult problem, many people will concentrate on how to do the above ranking, and when choosing keywords without careful analysis of discretion, resulting in site selection and site theme keywords related or selected too difficult to do keywords and so on, that is to say this game in the first step is to go wrong, in the website optimization in this way, even if you spend more effort, in the latter part of the optimization and excellent technical mastery often fail to achieve the desired effect, this is what I think the first is to do the optimization selection of keywords, here I come to a few points to share several options often need to pay attention to the website keywords.

web site keywords ranking can be said to be a website affect the rise and fall of the key, in recent years with the Shanghai Dragon technology is more and more people understand, more and more people to optimize their own website promotion by Shanghai Dragon technology, which leads to the key word in all walks of life to fierce competition, enterprises spend big price to please some of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Er to promote and optimize their own website, as is the site to more traffic, website keywords to get a good ranking, but the ranking of words and web traffic is complementary, website ranking is good, so when users search for relevant content on the search engine will be very easy to come to your website, so you know the products and services, purchase behavior.

How to improve the quality of the key words of love Shanghai

, enhance the relevance, is to determine whether your words and your ideas have very direct relevance, the keyword is A products, does not reflect the characteristics of creative advantage of A products, in describing the enterprise strength history or description of B, C products; key words is the price of A product, creativity is not the price information. Has been in the description of product features and advantages. Solution: turn out to be key words from the unit, according to the "same structure, meaning similar to the principle of division to the new unit in the new unit, creative writing around the common theme unit keyword.


three, to ensure complete recording, in your creativity, around the main word, use wildcard let the rosy, such not only can remind Baidu spiders, also can let customers look can find their desired results


four, enhance the smooth degree of creative, not a good idea is not approved by Baidu, we can use the method of the structure to promote smooth degree of keywords: according to the "same structure, similar to the principle of" meaning in the unit to unit; the new unit to create meaning: according to the structure of the new unit the word, smooth creative new;

believes that each station as long as the above 4 points, the quality of your website will have a qualitative improvement, can through the low price to obtain good rankings. The above article from leasing 贵族宝贝cdtyy贵族宝贝, welcome to reprint, please keep this link when reproduced.

two, enhance creative appeal, one without any creative ideas is to attract more love in Shanghai, can not attract the attention of customers, creative appeal is a relative index, relative to the originality of the industry, whether on the Internet users more attractive. Therefore, creative appeal, there is no best, only better! Creative forms: enhancing the attractiveness of multiple embedded wildcards, repeatedly described; words of innovation: the application of phrase sentence, interrogative sentence; application of punctuation, English letters and numbers; use the full name.

love Shanghai modified ranking rules, good keywords quality becomes very important, because the quality of high degree, can not only on the left side of the three chance, can achieve a better ranking with lower prices, how to do better? Quality did not improve the creative? Writing is not good enough, or the price is not high enough, or the account structure itself, in the end what optimization in order to obtain higher quality, to better position, today we will talk about the problem.

Love Shanghai reincluding Taobao page Taobao off the growing role of desalination

          love Shanghai as a domestic search engine. In recent years, began to get involved in e-commerce, the PPC business also has a considerable portion of the market from the electronic commerce and the Taobao shop, therefore launched Ali and Taobao’s direct competition. When Taobao screen love Shanghai spiders, causes outside that is part of the search engine is to eliminate shielding bad business fraud. Love will be directed at the Shanghai search and ppc. Love Shanghai said the reason why Taobao will shield love Shanghai spider is because the C2C trading platform afraid the upcoming Shanghai love Shanghai has brought competition ah. When the two sides should say two reasons each one sticks to his argument, there are. Does Shanghai search and PPC will help users through the search engine to taobao贵族宝贝 goods, but the search engine optimization cheating and pay PPC also give users bring misleading, let Taobao business cheating fraud channel. Love Shanghai, love Shanghai as the search leader promotion ah, bring a direct threat to Taobao, if included in the love of Shanghai included in the direct push ah love Shanghai products deliberately suppressed the Taobao page, Taobao does harm. Triggering the love between Taobao and Shanghai’s "war for many reasons".

recently a number of owners to stationmaster net admin5贵族宝贝 broke the news, said the Shanghai love again after a lapse of three years reincluding taobao贵族宝贝 page. The site instruction can be found, love Shanghai really reincluding Taobao search results, 280 thousand, the first six pages for taobao贵族宝贝’s products and Taobao mall famous shop of the two domain names, and behind the pages indexed by Taobao store. Start. The snapshot, mostly in mid August and early September the latest. By viewing the taobao贵族宝贝 robots.txt can be found, for the love of Taobao spider is still in the state of Shanghai. Basically you can determine the love sea has reopened unilaterally included on Taobao page. As a domestic Internet giant two, love Shanghai and Ali has been competing in e-commerce. 08 years taobao贵族宝贝 announced shielding love Shanghai spiders, love Shanghai also banned the collection of Taobao page response. When the Internet arouses a great disturbance, love Shanghai reincluding Taobao page, has aroused widespread concern in the circle.

Public opinions are divergent. reasons

for the love of Shanghai Taobao included the reopening, the station is also Public opinions are divergent. Some owners said that the love of Shanghai in recent years in the area of electronic commerce in Shanghai have poor performance, love has also been closed, thus shielding Taobao also included no great significance. Is the station that currently open Internet represent the general trend have also been launched in Shanghai, and love their own open platform, taobao贵族宝贝 search traffic is huge, open Taobao included is also good for the love of Shanghai. Even the webmaster speculation may Taobao and love in Shanghai reached a settlement, but from the Taobao robots.>

love Shanghai again after a lapse of three years included Taobao

Arsene the common problems of Shanghai dragon -100 quiz series (a)

four, Shanghai dragon Er: collection tools, pseudo original plug-in, the group chain station group software and tools you can use these tools? Do you use

answer: quality attention to purchase link links, outbound links too much, too popular, garbage links, search engine at the site on the link is not recommended to buy a budget plan, strong commercial website, the chain construction method of conversion rate is relatively high words to buy links or very is worth doing, it is quick, but the operation space is large.

three, Shanghai dragon Er Q: my client’s site is flash site, this station how to optimize the good effect of

two, Shanghai dragon Er: Admin5 and Chinaz in the submission of this kind of website, on top of a domain name, but no hyperlinks, such transfer of effective weight? On other releases so


A: this contribution can increase the love Shanghai related domain, can how can raise some weight, certainly not with hyperlink function. The press release is more brand promotion, increase exposure, Shanghai dragon weight transfer times.

five, Shanghai dragon Er asked: now the gold link can also buy? What links to purchase the appropriate

?Answer: ?

please indicate the original article reprinted from Shanghai to Shunqi Changsha Longfeng blog, this paper address: 贵族宝贝yishunqi贵族宝贝/read/86.html

in optimizing the construction of the chain is social network marketing, which is obviously part of micro-blog, there is a certain positive effect. But specific to see what micro-blog and micro-blog platform, content form and quality.

, Shanghai dragon Er asked: what is the micro-blog marketing help to optimize

flash site especially ZhengZhan flash production, little space station adjustment, optimize work basis, put a lot of time and energy in the construction of the chain.

? ?Answer:

answer: These are non white hat optimization techniques, mainly to replace part of the manual workload, less than the artificial or natural effects. Sam’s view is generally not recommended the use of others will not object to others using these tools, a double-edged sword with good can indeed improve the effect, but the actual situation is a lot of people and a lot of standing dead on these tools. Finally, if you are Shanghai dragon new to Er, is not recommended to play, one will change the mentality of quick success, and is not conducive to long-term development, two new experience, these tools play big risk.

Talk about Sogou promotion can bring us much economic value

domestic Internet search market, love Shanghai overwhelmingly occupy the peak, is regarded as the world’s largest search — such as Google to seize foreign households China love Shanghai king of the throne, so you see love Shanghai auction are very expensive, even so, the medium and small businesses or individuals have opened in Shanghai for promotion or love undoubtedly, the love of Shanghai is the biggest winner in the Internet Chinese, in the latest 2011 "new fortune" 500 richest people in Shanghai love CEO Robin Li in fortune 47 billion ranked second, visible love Shanghai really extraordinary development. The rapid growth of it, breaking a lot of entrepreneurs or executives on the unknown Internet, says big, say the new market is small, some of the old enterprises for decades even far from being love like Shanghai network company to mercilessly lashed back, not a bit ashamed. Therefore, the development of the Internet in the modern enterprise operation and development plays a key role, absolutely should not be overlooked, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to rely on the Internet search engine, fast marketing, market promotion.

today Qingdao Shanghai dragon is not intended to talk about love Shanghai, but to talk about Sogou Sogou promotion, promotion can bring much economic value to us. That morning, Sogou promotion customer service through the Qingdao wedding network to find me, ask me if I want to join Sogou promotion plan, general search by keywords is the promotion of traditional bidding pay per click, and this is to promote the promotion of Sogou package way. The traditional auction pay per click promotion can set up multiple keywords, as long as the money in the account can be arbitrarily set the number of keywords, but this is only a Sogou promotion bag of words a year, such as "Qingdao wedding photography" the keywords pack year costs are divided into 5000, 4000, 3000, 1500 and four levels, the high price of course on the position, and by the picture show, no matter how many times you user clicks advertising anyway a year up to 5000 dollars promotion fee, in fact the promotion of a supposedly Sogou is not expensive, want to know the love of Shanghai bidding is 5000, but the question is, why love is so expensive in Shanghai there are so many promotion enterprises or individuals have joined, as Sogou search alliance or some other low price but not much added, the main reason is that the Sogou promotion can bring us How much economic value or that we can earn back? Let Qingdao Shanghai dragon make an analysis, see Sogou promotion have much value.

said several major domestic search engine we first thought is to love Shanghai, then like search, Sogou, Youdao search users generally know far less, use them is little, of course, as a webmaster or engage in Shanghai Longfeng work friends must know, if you don’t know that several major search alliance too OUT, it was a big joke.

at present, like my Qingdao wedding network has been in the search engine rankings are relatively good, basically the website main keywords are arranged to the home page, abandon other search alliance does not say, look at the love Shanghai, from several main >

According to the web site for enterprise network marketing is still the first choice of Shanghai Dra

third, Shanghai dragon optimization we can control to the promotion goal. We know that a lot of the time we hope that the website optimization customers through keyword search into their pages, of course, this time to choose our range is very wide, based on the level of understanding of their products and customer needs, we can continue to tap the demand keywords customers, targeted by the column page, page optimization extension of a series of multi net, the flowering, through the production of key vocabulary, optimization, and many thematic page page column page, so for the optimization we take into account the needs of users can optimize the needs of users and the Shanghai dragon show us page match well, the intention of the strong words through continuous efforts to achieve our desired goals.

I found that with the increasing popularity of smart mobile phone, the mobile Internet for the PC side impact is not small, as an enterprise webmaster, I felt from the various network channels for Shanghai dragon impact, such as WeChat, micro-blog and SNS all kinds of marketing means to make Shanghai Longfeng stressful, as a a corporate owners I still choose Shanghai dragon as the most powerful means of promotion, why choose Shanghai dragon? Here I mainly talk about his own views.

fourth, the user search behavior found that customers are still hot.

second, compared with other marketing mode of Shanghai Longfeng low cost. With a website optimization opposition is love Shanghai auction or some other paid marketing, free marketing internet grasping a lot, but do the best price or non Shanghai dragon and for promotion, but the bidding high promotion costs prohibitive so many small and medium-sized enterprises, and optimize the marketing website the approach is highly respected, the important reasons is that the input and output ratio is very large, and Shanghai Longfeng optimization stability is very high, love Shanghai for the white hat optimization on the site of its confidence is rising, love Shanghai green, Mars in 13 years was pointing out for high quality website support, so the white hat optimization site, features of stability ranking also very competitive.

first, the precise degree of traffic on the Shanghai dragon is still the mainstream. There’s no denying that Shanghai dragon is often rigid marketing marketing, such as micro-blog, WeChat, is also a marketing circle, may the crowd is and what you want to promote related industries, but not equal to the rigid demand, many consumers may just to get information, convenient after use, and Shanghai dragon the demand is more obvious, there are generally demand will understand their products, many companies have recently received telephone consultation in our service, and the intention of demand is very strong, because the local customers, basically a phone call after you can meet interviews, so this is me in the operation and maintenance of enterprise stand still Shanghai dragon as one reason for marketing.

Don’t go to the web page effects lost Shanghai Dragon

focus map because of its "save space, the effect of novel diversity, by many webmaster favorite. But most of the focus map are using flash or JS technology. For flash or JS to abandon the spider believe webmaster friends are very clear. While the focus map is often updated frequently. The spider is more popular in the area of frequent updates, but due to the flash index and JS content, so every time the spider come on an impulse which is how much return in low spirits, waste ah. Da Yu suggested that even if the use of the focus map, also try to use js+css, the output for a picture form. But should try to avoid the use of flash and jQuery.

"You can’t have focus map





sliding doors are not ultra link attribute tab. The spider is unable to perform js. So the spider can only crawl in the index, the default display content, and for none the content of none. Da Yu suggested that if it is necessary to use the sliding doors, because as far as the Settings tab or select hyperlink can display all the contents of the code for spiders index.

Flash, a navigation bar

four, AJAX without refreshing the page load

Flash navigation is Shanghai dragon taboo. Unless you are in pursuit of the visual effect of the pure flash station, otherwise it will not consider. The navigation bar is to attract the spider crawling is the most important part, with concise design, large font and bold style, can make the recognition of the importance of the spider, and then bring the effective index.


". Web page itself is a way to improve the user experience. But we do stand the ultimate aim is to hope that more people visit the site, and then to profit. Therefore, "Shanghai dragon effects and the pros and cons, everyone should have steelyard mind. Da Yu saw a lot of web interface design beautiful, magnificent effects, but it is too horrible to look at rankings and flow. The following the author summarizes several commonly used to Shanghai dragon "effects, for reference.

sliding doors also save space ". But before we must look at the source code.

Most of the


love Shanghai Shanghai dragon suggestions mentioned spiders don’t support for Ajax, because AJAX is asynchronous Javascript and XML. The JS does not support creating a spider for Ajax does not favor. Have to admit, AJAX brought hitherto unknown user experience for us. But with infra>

sliding door The advantages of

Teach you to analyze the characteristics of spider crawl about site operation


: the first need to confirm their own virtual host or server opens the log function, recording function of WWW log is a virtual control panel of the general business space, and provide the webmaster to download and analysis, below is the editor to use a log style, because the order and manner of each different space business operation not only the same, here only as a reference.

first click on the map or a second picture into the interface, click on the download weblog log will appear in Figure three figure four interface, each TXT in Figure four are named after the year month day, and record the size of the log, click view can see detailed information.

parameter 2: grasping the content, GET said the meaning of grasping followed by /index.html is to grab the page, here said the spider to grab the page, if the GET is behind / said spiders crawl anything, then need to cause website >

on the site of the daily running and maintenance, we often need to understand the situation of the space through the spider crawling www log, and make adjustments to the usual work, the following will step by step, let you fully understand the analysis log settings and capture characteristics of spider lets you fully understand the meaning of each parameter and as to adjust and modify the reference.


parameter 1: This is the love of the Shanghai spiders to crawl the content of the time, the time and computer time is 8 hours, which is mainly used log time Greenwich time, with Beijing time difference of 8 hours; that you will need time and 8 hours is to Beijing time, so the parameters shown in Figure 1 the spider to grab the time is May 23rd 13 8.

second: found traces of spiders in the code, because a TXT log is hundreds of K, thousands of lines, so each check is not realistic, we need to fully understand the characteristics and the function of query spider fast positioning, because the Spider code is spider, so when spider will search out visit all the spiders, such as love Shanghai, noble baby, 360 and so on, and the characteristics of love spiders in Shanghai is Baiduspider, here we focus on the love of spiders in Shanghai.


third: find love Shanghai spiders crawl and walk in the future for each parameter, the editor explained and the corresponding case is described (see diagram).



we use Notepad to open the download of the TXT document, and by editing the search function (Figure five) to search quickly, enter Baidu in the search box, and find the love Shanghai spider crawling code (Figure six) can be confirmed by

The content of the website optimization we must pay attention to those basic theory

, website optimization content quality has been present in the key of optimization process is also difficult, many owners in the process of writing the article in a miserable, see article on the first, most of the time is optimization problem, usually to reading, study, summary, can.

second, with the long tail of certain words mining ability. The purpose of the thesis is in addition to outside services for users, a lot of the time we should take into account the search engine. For example, each article must have a certain amount of search, we want to dig through the long tail word to write our website content, to bring these long tail words flow can be effectively transformed into our product orders, the long tail word flow although the amount is less but the conversion is high, with the page to do at the right of the.

fourth, the website must have the ability to catch fresh information. The Internet every day in the event of a lot of new things, all walks of life also has a fresh content industry, the Shanghai dragon Er, in addition to the experience and products for the key points in writing, we also should pay attention to the latest industry and related information, through their own vision: for Industry trends and the current industry view review and thoughts, let the user feel the first time for the latest information of our enterprise’s keen sense of smell, increase their professional degree and brand value of enterprises.

third, the content of resonate reading value. The author thinks that the writing of the article, the original is just the most basic requirements, most of the time we have to hold witness services for users, users to read our article, is actually a performance against agree with our opinions or our purpose is through the valuable articles to win customer recognition, so, how to reflect the value of positive comments? Many times some of their concluding paragraphs, some experts point of view, some users can be reflected in the content, we put forward the view that consumers themselves to the identification, I believe the distinctive views will win the praise of customers, for professional and authoritative website building.

Finally, the author summarize,

first, website content must be the heart of their writing. Our enterprise website for example, many enterprises station content is Shanghai dragon Er themselves to writing, not that information site can also use the power of user added content for the website enterprise station because the products and services themselves are more professional, so this article also have to complete, so Shanghai dragon er must have a clear understanding of their own service industry, or is certainly not write a good article.

as everyone knows, website optimization process, we must pay attention to the content of the website optimization, in addition to the content of original we also analysis the user experience, many website content construction is Shanghai dragon er a headache problem, in fact, in my opinion according to the content of the construction of our own ideas, their understanding of the company’s products and services to do. We will be able to write a good article, then, what should we do?

Strong thinking after the Shanghai dragon era we will decide on what path to follow

today, Shanghai Dragon Development in China for many years, from the initial rise to madness, to the station is Shanghai dragon, it is not difficult to see the number of watershed, 2003, 2006, 2008, the rise of Shanghai dragon training, after 2008 did Shanghai Longfeng staff quickly soared, increasing employees, will Shanghai dragon industry status also led to a climax, love Shanghai constantly upgrade algorithm, 2012.6.28 events let us deeply shocked The imprint is engraved on my heart., our hearts divide such heavy is that we have to think about the age of the Shanghai dragon after we should decide on what path to follow? So after Shanghai dragon the times where

road where it will end, we do not consider the anti love Shanghai algorithm and the upgrading of the Internet environment, the author not only, since that now the network environment has undergone a qualitative change, quality is the essence of meaning, the Internet has been from the past are not the same, we all learn biology, environment often determines the species, then our Internet has changed what? Actually think about it is not difficult to find:

Three, the new requirement of the development of

four, with the birth of the Internet new media have changed.

two, the current information era everyone can write information, resulting in the fragmentation of information is too serious, you don’t have seriously to determine whether what you need, which is really useful information for you.

above is where we are now in the Internet environment are summarized, then I’ll talk about today the topic is, after Shanghai dragon age we should decide on what path to follow, as the saying goes, "when knowledge is a great man, and fortune", to understand the current situation and we will have a better strategy.

technology, new thinking, new models, new products for the "web site" category is more and more high, is not a simple ism.



, from the point of change, use mind map.

is more than four of the current thinking of the whole Internet environment summary, if there is wrong or incomplete is welcome to add.

, a product of the domestic network environment also is only the first, it is difficult to hold the two, third, users are only willing to remember the first.

for this I do not want to say, I only hope you can own more to think, before we can do is one of Shanghai dragon, so after Shanghai dragon age we should consider the multidimensional Shanghai dragon, I raise this is to give you specify a thinking way of Shanghai dragon and the mind map is a good stuff, can not understand self, of course, the multidimensional Shanghai dragon also need you to search engines have a general principle.


The 9158 recruit beauty from Mousi chat high recharge defy


integrated Liaoba, beauty, passion, joy and emotion, urban city channel, in 201314 this is known as a symbol of love day, Xiao Bian also catch a glimpse of the online video show beautiful singing style, the solution boredom on this day! But the experience in the process of Xiaobian rendered speechless.

first small series of the 9158 platforms and YY were compared, and found that there was not much difference, mainly in the online video show, online teaching and game main columns. But more than 9158 people online video attracted a small note, want to. In the process of the experience, Xiaobian found at the bottom of the 9158 platform site did not produce network audio-visual license, but has produced a YY voice of all kinds of business card number, this had to let small doubts, to defy the law 9158 network audio-visual video show.

: palm and small gift items need only red and gold VIP users to publish public chat information (speed transit network plan),




experience points: 1, launched a public chat, the need for high charge and pay 2, alcohol 3, beauty online to attract users of all kinds of business website did not produce audio-visual license

: more than 9158 video client (speed transit network plan)

in the network audio-visual license on some of the problems, ask Xiao Bian legal veteran Lu Haitian, he said, for the current domestic video broadcast privilege regulations issued in 2009, only have the qualifications of a legal person, is a state-owned or state holding more than 51% units, and in the three years before the application, no illegal records. This non visible 9158 state-owned or state-owned holding more than 51% units are likely not eligible to apply, or should it can produce a license to play like YY.

Figure Figure

speed transit experience room 260th with the release of the YY, more and more users are quickly attracted to 9158, such as YY platform, YY listing is successful counter attack, while 9158 of the defeated in the competition in the online video site once to go bankrupt, in the most critical moment of founder Liu Yan decided to shift the focus of its business online video show.

For the 9158

: comparison of network operating license 9158 platform and play YY at the bottom of the site show (speed transit network plan)

by multi video temptation, small point to open up a ranking of the video show channel, the beautiful anchor is really eye-catching, enchanting beauty. But when small want to talk with her in the public chat, but suggested that only red VIP can be released at the same time, Xiao Bian gave to the beauty of the palm, and presented a small waist skirt, all to the corresponding gold.

On the 9158 platform


Shanghai Longfeng optimization tutorial to love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of learning to do within t

through the above picture is not difficult to find love in a Shanghai encyclopedia entries are made as long as the keyword link level is quite clear, tongsudejiang is clear… Clear thinking is good work, love of Shanghai mining spider layers, mining is finished, and can backtrack, and can provide large amounts of data to the spider. The spider to sort out ideas, can have good ranking. Here you may say to Shanghai is the high weight of the encyclopedia, but please don’t forget, then the high weight to it, if the chain is not good, the love of spiders in Shanghai and out of the mess, there will be a high weight?! furthermore, love Shanghai encyclopedia so much data, love Shanghai artificial intervention is a seemingly impossible task! So when it comes to this, but please look at yourself standing in the chain is optimized or not good enough, love Shanghai spiders, can retreat?! when it first panic and go, he dare to patronize second times?! why do some love station the Shanghai spiders love then?! every day and your major update! Station so much the chain, a lot of high PR Links, pseudo original original fast, still not good ranking! Chain suck!

Shanghai dragon is not a simple matter, from the details, feel. No one in Shanghai Longfeng standard, but in China love Shanghai is Shanghai dragon standard, then study and love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia do Shanghai dragon within the chain! By 贵族宝贝 webmaster feeds, for reprint please indicate the source, thank you




many owners have been struggling to study Shanghai dragon, because they know that to learn Shanghai Longfeng, can have a flow of money flow, so they ~, immersed in the Shanghai dragon in… Keep the hair of the chain, looking for Links, pseudo original. But you know you do things we are doing, so have the effect? Perhaps in part because luck will have a good effect, and you are one of the lucky ones? Actually want to put the Shanghai dragon to achieve the ultimate, why not learn to love the Shanghai encyclopedia? Love the Shanghai encyclopedia chain Shanghai dragon in the play to the extreme, why do you say so? Look at


The analysis of user needs is the key to website optimization

this is why we want to cause the user demand analysis, it can let us understand the main demand of keywords and secondary demand, only when we understand the main demand of a keyword, the website, fill the main demand of the website content, users can point.

(5) video, the video on demand;

There are many methods for analysis of

such as: (1) love Shanghai know, illustrate the keywords question and demand;

in every industry, every one of the words, there are more than one search needs, such as the search for the word "Di Renjie", some people in order to understand the character of Di Renjie, some people is to see "detective Di Renjie", "Di Renjie" the Dragon God are these TV dramas and movies. Although each keyword has a plurality of user needs, but they have one thing in common, that is all the main demand and secondary needs, such as "Di Renjie", the main demand is to understand the character of Di Renjie introduction, the secondary demand is to watch TV or movies, according to the Shanghai Love Click algorithm can clearly know.

According to Shanghai’s official

1, according to the Shanghai love the drop-down box, search judgment: according to the Shanghai love the drop-down box, search to determine user needs is the most direct and convenient, the user needs the size of the order of words in Shanghai: love the drop-down box inside is sequentially from top to bottom, in the relevant search is left to right, the order from top to bottom. Need a little attention, love Shanghai drop-down box is the last week of data, love Shanghai related search is the last two weeks of data.

love said, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love library know Shanghai picture can only hit 60 points, these contents are obviously improved, we only need to put these elements to achieve the ultimate.

(2) love Shanghai library, the data download demand;

industry user demand analysis is one of the key factors for website optimization. Optimization on the site, which is related to the future development direction of the overall layout, site selection and site keywords optimization; in the middle of website, it directly affects the site keywords ranking optimization; late in the website, which affects the conversion rate of the product or service. The industry did not identify the needs of users, in the optimization process will be less effective.

website user needs, in order to facilitate the majority of readers can understand, practical, especially introduces several methods of simple and easy to operate:

(3) love Shanghai pictures, picture shows demand;

2, according to the first page of keywords ranking judgment: more than half of the staff engaged in the website optimization keywords should know, many unpopular industry is not the drop-down box, and the search is not accurate, this is the case, the website optimization personnel can be judged according to the key words of the first ten order goods.

(4) Post Bar shows the love of Shanghai, to discuss the demand;