The Jingdong store product list page user experience and marketing (two)


for air conditioning users will eventually buy these products, so these products will attract users especially advantage, proportion of red figure is greatly stimulate the user’s desire to buy, so many people are buying the product, then I do not buy, look at the understanding of the solution is always right, understand the product the user and the evaluation of other users, for users to buy enthusiasm had a decisive influence, so as long as the products meet the needs of users, the conversion rate is certainly very good. read more

Update some webmaster tips should master

fourth, the end must have a kind of mold

third, the updated title must search for

we can see that we enter the title in Shanghai love found no title such as like as two peas, the title will be published, if any, please change the webmaster.

Insert a picture of collection

every day for the website update several articles is the webmaster will do, but you know you update your useful? Article was collected before love Shanghai? I don’t know the update method, every day is to write articles and updates to the website, the actual long-term waste every day it is many, but included in the site did not increase in number, in order to solve this problem, I visited many teachers, after summing up, I now have their own articles updated tips. read more

Methods and suggestions of Shanghai Longfeng novice learning

users to see your article, he must have the needs of your article, at least it is to solve a problem. If you are the kind of water, you feel that your article has value? Can not solve the user demand articles are rubbish. A5 article each is examined, eliminate waste content. You should start from the needs of users the content of the article. In order to meet the needs of users is the most.

, the code must be picked up

learning to learn Shanghai dragon is in fact very difficult. You have to get information from the Shanghai love above, then read to him, and then go to practice, no matter in practice or data reading, is to get Shanghai dragon what. I do Shanghai Longfeng a good habit is me do not know where the record at the time, and then find the elder friends, let them help me to answer. I would like to share my learning. How is Shanghai dragon. read more

How to use a week to get 1000IP know love Shanghai

we may not know, in addition to "love the sea virtuous not avoid Pro " and another called" equal ", that is to say if you send the link is a large site (such as Sina and other NetEase, the country’s top-ranking website) link, he would think that has the authority, is the basic unconditional. So we can Quxianjiuguo, I recently used Sina blog with love Shanghai know the promotion, get to know 1000IP’s experience from the love of Shanghai within a week, here and share with you: read more

How to speed up the web site of the success of the Shanghai dragon er

can be said in the Shanghai dragon industry 301 redirect function is known, in order to speed up the web site you need to first select a domain name for the site, and will be divided into all domain name redirection jump to the main domain name, if there are other high weight of the domain name can be produced and the effects of the jump, as can be imagined.

1, select the domain name

search spider into the site to the entrance, while the station chain increases and to submit a site search engine is to create conditions for the spider in. At the same time, the search engine also monitors every user access habits, browse pages. Take yourself as a user to search their own website, search engine will also send a spider and you go to visit the site, when it reaches a certain magnitude, the search engine in order to comply with. read more

Liu Daiyuan analysis of Sohu micro-blog Shanghai dragon love Shanghai rapid ranking method.

# temporary restrictions on the list of all banned grab

2. does not require certification is open to the love of Shanghai

we can open the Sohu micro-blog robots.txt file. 贵族宝贝t.sohu贵族宝贝/robots.txt, as follows:

# allowed to search the directory, Allow: / open all directory ####

content from above we can find the Sohu micro-blog open all the catalogue of love of Shanghai and their products Sogou search engine grab.


Sohu micro-blog is not certified love Shanghai open, but Sina and micro-blog are Tencent require authentication after allowing love in Shanghai. read more

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon VIP ranking algorithm to update the disappearance of speculation

said ready to greet the new year, love Shanghai algorithm update remains the same, but this is still in the absence of any notification and warning, quietly took action. When every webmaster found changes, website down right down the right, slipped the slide. However, this difference is the webmaster have slowly adapted to the love of Shanghai, not abuse depressed, but all the more clear and rational, careful analysis of the reasons. Maybe next year, love Shanghai practices will not change, but to let the webmaster to realize, the search engine is orderly, not wanton manipulation. read more

The 2 point I suddenly thought of the optimization thought about


10 thousand -5 000 6

love love Shanghai Shanghai traffic weight

I was summed up, and the flow of Shanghai love love Shanghai weight about the following:


management of the site is a eight year old law, as we all know, exchange links to every post, these are essential, when changing the link has a friend add my QQ number, say to change link, also as usual I let him put the website, I in the webmaster the tool checked and found that his station has only 27 days.

Because I read more

Taobao Shanghai dragon core optimization ideas is the key to Taobao Shanghai dragon success

Taobao search default sort mode is divided into all the baby and popular baby, all the baby which accounted for 90% of the proportion of flow, the popular baby accounted for 10%, ranking all the baby will always change, is very unstable, contrary to the popular baby ranking, generally do not change, very stable. All the baby can be ranked short up, relatively easy, and the popular baby need long time cumulative sales, more difficult. This is mainly about all the baby ranking approach, which is Taobao Shanghai dragon, I put it in the summary for the three strategies, do these three strategies, believe you will store traffic to enhance the quality of. read more

SEMer love Shanghai bidding keywords combining search terms to the data value

click this link to go is the focus of our analysis, we analysis on keywords a high click volume, first click on the word why, because many people search? Because ranking changes? Creative attractive and click? Search words respectively are those? Click on IP whether to repeat or single? Respectively is clicked in any period of time, whether have dialogue? These problems are worth us to understand.

d> analysis of key points on average price:

, data analysis 1 points: to show the amount of clicks, consumption, average price click, click rate, average ranking, how would you like to go to the read more

The chain of love and analysis of its products in Shanghai

you know, now want to love Shanghai, leave your chain website, it is very difficult, especially for a new love Shanghai account, if the content posted, the web site of the chain, it is basically PASS out, at this point, love Shanghai know and love Shanghai Baike performance is very obvious, so many people can’t, or to buy a high-level account, or spend a little money to let the master to do, of course, there are a lot of people, through their own efforts, constantly upgrade, beyond a certain level, before the release of the chain of individual can, even if your account level is very high, if the chain of hair every day more than three or four, will be on the top of the robot love Shanghai, if still very regular chain, it is unfortunate that you have wrought High level account would be made to recover the read more

Shanghai dragon website picture optimization of basic skills

, a picture to do on the ALT property of

sites are in products, there will be a lot of pictures, these pictures can be optimized, so how to optimize these pictures just good blogger below lists the following image optimization techniques.


< img src=, 3 cases; "5hht3.jpg" alt= "Changsha professional website construction" />

image ALT attributes commonly known as alternative text to the spider can better identify your site, optimize the picture do alt attribute is a must, from the user experience point of view, the picture ALT attribute is also necessary. For example, low bandwidth network, as a result of blocking the image on the page cannot be displayed. The picture ALT attribute descriptive can tell the user the contents of that location, thereby increasing user experience. read more

Don’t misunderstand Google, Google rumor

on the gates of fire. Google’s misery to the motherland in mind, have the whole world in view of the domestic Internet users caused a lot of trouble and inconvenience. Use Google search engine often cannot be opened normally, regardless of you in the Google English website, or in the Google search site in Hongkong, but also some search with special tips, such as with the "week" word search words, Google search will remind you of "week" may make your connection with Google temporarily blocked. It is not possible, as long as the search term containing Chinese "week" will be disconnected, whether it is Jay Chou or Zhou Enlai or duke. The following figure: read more

Babanu improve your weight is not infinite chain effect

ask yourself every day? How many webmaster very hard to do in the station’s original content? I do not deny the chain here suddenly prompted by a sudden impulse, but there is a certain basis, I have two network stations from 1951 to now. Two websites almost didn’t do the chain construction, one of the station, from the last week to do what I have to the station every day to update the content, with even two hours to post me every night, is the basic content of the original, so I insist on two weeks a dozen IP site traffic, the original day increased to more than 120 IP every day now, the flow is mainly from the search engine, several keywords ranking to love Shanghai home before five, a word to second The name, brought a lot of traffic, the two weeks I was not how to send the chain, only the original content is updated every day, ranking went up, and the other one is the API station, the content is collected, also not the construction of the chain, the site has been ranked in the second page, now is old look, the ranking has been promoted. This shows the weight content is very high, the weight of the chain of more than. read more

Analysis of common factors influencing website ranking

every webmaster after the website construction, through their own efforts, especially to strengthen the optimization version, I hope to be able to let their site ranking fell into a Shanghai home to love this important strategic highland. Then you can’t bother money sitting at home, it looks beautiful, but really want to achieve this point is difficult thing, because most of the webmaster have such ideas, eventually quietly choose to give up, the reason is to improve website ranking is so difficult. read more

Do two things make you relaxed in the search results appear in the thumbnail of love Shanghai

Chuxiong port information where this bold draw "allows you to easily search results appear in Shanghai love thumbnail" two arguments:

1, use love Haiyun acceleration service;

2, website upper gold position has focus.

, the three figure first we take a closer look at the above, respectively, Chuxiong port, Xinyu port, Xinyu City three website thumbnails in the search results. Figure three we then compared to the following, respectively, these three sites IP address query graph, we found? The three station IP address is the love of Shanghai Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing Unicom node, because these three stations are used in Haiyun to speed up service, this is the most important point: Chuxiong information my website the evening of July 11, 2014 in Hong Kong with Haiyun acceleration service, second days of information search in Chuxiong port main keywords in their website appeared below thumbnails. read more

Expert do stand for a year to achieve IP70 million confirmed Shanghai dragon just clouds

this time we have been saying that the original problem, many webmaster think outside the chain is more important than the original, after all, the original will have a better user experience; however, the actual situation is not necessarily the case. Recently, I was fortunate to see a cattle station, this site a year from IP on the 0 day to IP 700 thousand, the chain is a staggering about 500000. For the film, the novel station station, more than a year to achieve one hundred thousand IP can be understood, but the information station 700 thousand a year to do IP, really is the first time to see. read more

Web page tags Shanghai Longfeng personal views

well, you should write so much, we slowly digest, Shanghai dragon theory as important ^_^. Thank you. This paper consists of varicose veins 420D (贵族宝贝81061552贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep.


3. content page Keywords: we generally know that keywords appear two or three times the content in the page, but do not accumulate keywords. There are a lot of people struggle to keyword density, I understand the keyword density is not a standard, that is not should be under the control of the number, but natural writing, nature will highlight your words, so you have to complete the optimization work. But there are a lot of friends are saying, if the keyword appears in the first paragraph or the front, such words had a relatively high weight, it can not be denied. But we write in, but also pay attention to the relevance of keywords, such as computer, computer are synonymous, we do not have to use computer key computer as you can, so to speak, and master the relevant semantic keywords, similar words to support the main keywords. read more

The mobile terminal do optimization Shanghai dragon to make the search engine more friendly

generally speaking, the mobile terminal optimization is easier than the computer terminal, the three the dominant factor in the rankings. After all, the mobile terminal optimization in recent 1-2 years just popular, many owners are unable to start the optimization for the mobile terminal, the mobile Internet should be optimistic about the future prospects for development, as soon as possible to understand.

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile terminal to Shanghai dragon optimization? How many webmaster have questions?. The mobile terminal traffic exactly from where users are most concerned about the mobile terminal? What? According to iResearch user access statistics, browser, site navigation, search site search is the main way for users. The following is iResearch statistics 2002-2014 China search engine user coverage read more

The public information platform to seize the WeChat search engine ranking


two, love Shanghai will give WeChat platform high weight

is a little weird, can even be behoove things. Why? Because WeChat and micro-blog are now the most popular new media platform, is also the most active. So there is no reason not to love Shanghai included it, instead of WeChat to love Shanghai more weight. Therefore, the first love will be included in Shanghai micro-blog, WeChat will gradually included content.

What means the reform trend of

three, WeChat

2. index, first look at the WeChat marketing figure: read more