The three people who makes the best of Shanghai Dragon

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Kongming in the long, has the situation to see clearly. And for the development of Liu Bei formulated after the political line, let Liu Bei become the dominant party. It’s like we’re in for a website to do preliminary planning of Shanghai dragon, which is part of the development of a website is the most important. The main research includes several aspects:

in many countries., Keke thinks that Kongming has to have at least three very suitable for Shanghai Longfeng research. read more

You are not ignoring the website optimization writing in detail

want to row the wedding of children’s shoes, one thing is very confused and do not know how to choose wedding photography company, some people are afraid of high prices, some people are afraid of taking money out of the ugly, and some people are not afraid of late. If you want to shoot the wedding in Zhengzhou, today, let Xiaobian really XXcompany to everyone that tips for choosing Zhengzhou wedding photography company:

editors estimated to see this when the title, sometimes feel bad to write. In fact, look at the title we should have some writing ideas, since the choice as a company, that would have to write some influence to visitors choose company factors, such as product prices, the establishment of the company advantage, strength, team advantage, user reputation, product quality etc.. From these aspects to write this article will be enough to give users some help. So when we are in the writing of the article, should be the first to think of a title, and then to a general structure in mind. Many of us in the primary school of writing, the teacher asked us to write a writing outline, is to have a clear idea. read more

Love Shanghai search engine website down how to solve

site I think needless to say, everyone is better than I know. When a lot of pseudo original content, may also be the love of Shanghai included, but later.

site should be reasonable, in the previous article don’t let them no echo. The new post, plus a reasonable old in the chain anchor text, or web site plus random recommended column, let old articles often have exposure and views.

page title and description is an overview of web users to see first, these two labels should be able to attract users to click, and can be a good summary of "the central idea. The title description is written well, even if not in the search results page to the top, the user is likely to click on, this is undoubtedly the "points. read more

I fell in love with a few enlightenment sites were summarized to get K off the sea


1) not too frequently modify or change the site keywords, website templates and


space for the important, I think you are aware of itself. Therefore, if the owners do not want to love the Shanghai site was punished, then when the owners found what the problem site use space, "


2) other website collection be content, especially after the acquisition but not modify the contents of these

webmaster want to do a website, so the content is essential, after all, users will visit your site will be in search of what he needs, but rely on their owners to write the original content is not enough, in order to make the network development better, the webmaster definitely not to collect content from other sites, but webmaster to reprint reprint collection to collection, reproduced in or after acquisition, the webmaster is best to the acquisition or reproduced the contents of a change, try to make these contents reach a pseudo original effect, otherwise the site will be very easy to be love Shanghai as a garbage station, and once loved Shanghai as the garbage station, then read more

One hour to learn what you need to learn Shanghai Dragon

people may take the miraculous Shanghai Dragon said, it is not easy to learn, you need to spend a lot of time, they just love the simple things complicated; some might say Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, only need to master some skills will be able to do it, don’t need to talk about the Shanghai dragon. From the technical level of each one according to his lights. But if I am here today issued a question: if you learn Shanghai dragon in one hour, then you need to learn what

do not understand the Shanghai dragon, or only a smattering of friends will say, dream one hour society of Shanghai Longfeng, it is impossible. But, actually do the most powerful Shanghai dragon also belongs to the technical training of the teacher Wang Tong, she has been doing an hour of Shanghai dragon training, tuition is very expensive. This also shows that in a short period of time to learn Shanghai dragon is absolutely possible, some theory isn’t making a mess of what. As for how to learn knowledge and operation of Shanghai dragon can come in the shortest time, here is not to mention high technology in the field of Shanghai dragon, the school may not use. read more

Improve the site selling point, attracted users attention!

2, knowledge

. Is the embodiment of professional, let users browse access to certain benefits. In the beginning, the best is a guru of knowledge creation, allowing users to form a habit of reading. Then, to form a certain development. For example, the Internet to promote knowledge creation, has the practical value of the user, the formation of reputation type network recommendation. The increase of the depth of the user reading range can get extended;

3, type. Is the embodiment of beauty, smile. People love beautiful, funny pictures type. For example, a dew point type of beautiful pictures, click rate will surge. So, this kind of website platform to highlight the fusion. Not only to meet the user’s browser, and not vulgar. Somewhat similar to the small, attitude attitude. For the user, and to ease people’s fatigue; read more

Talk about some tips for blogging to make moneyThe guest of Taobao how to use single page to increas

two, template selection. Templates should be as new as possible and be unique. Stereotyped templates are too easy to forget about the presence of your web site, repetitive styles, repetitive typography, repetitive ideas, and visitors who don’t see any color or brilliance. In addition, some webmaster, others drilling site, that is very beautiful, simply move rigidly, directly to their website to move, do not consider whether the site theme and style. Talk about experience, sh419 does not like stereotyped templates, of course, you can not get in sh419 has a good ranking. Therefore, when choosing a template, it is recommended to select the HTML static single page, because search engines are more friendly to them, and the collection may be larger. In addition, in line with their own theme on the basis of the site, to maintain professionalism, but also the atmosphere, beautiful, so that not only can attract potential users, but also improve product conversion, and win a good ranking. read more

Seize the website construction high quality original content topic

5. website articles and highly relevant to the theme: as we all know, the website or each article has its own theme, high-quality original content is good, should exist in its environment. That is to say, IT articles published in IT related websites; news related to sports should be published in the sports section of the site; iron and steel industry and steel industry related articles published on the website. If the topic is not related articles published on the website, the audience becomes less, the value will be greatly reduced. read more

Talking about sex outside the chain of good and bad products in Shanghai

many Shanghai dragon Er feel the chain weight love Shanghai products is very high, if you do love Shanghai products chain is much, the weight of your site is very high, and rising quickly, even more than love Shanghai own products, such as Chong of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix website in Shanghai love Baike do a word, and then do a lot of love Shanghai Zhidao outside the chain, the website ranking will exceed the love Shanghai products a day, actually is not the case, whether it is the love of Shanghai Baike, the key words of Baidu Zhidao website or website ranking, not more than enough basic love Shanghai products chain! But love the products of Shanghai, for the introduction of web traffic is very bad, this was due to the love of Shanghai products are often ranked in the love of Shanghai home, so users in Liuhe On these love Shanghai content, will not consciously click the product links, can bring to the site’s traffic, this is one of the benefits of sex products outside the chain of Shanghai. read more

Shanghai love you bad 8.22 after the taste has changed completely

why love Shanghai tastes change miscellaneous? Look at the map to know. In the search results, the type of site is more abundant, the product’s official website, Shanghai love Wikipedia, the product software download page, product video, forum posts, there is a new station, cy station, have the old station, and the page type is also relatively rich, previously seen is the old station home, relatively homogeneous seriously, to search the user experience, some poor, much better now. Look at page snapshot of the old content, but highlight more new content, on the other hand, is to improve the user experience of search. As an old station, in the keyword ranking some disappointment, but this is the user want results. Love the sea become good read more

Seven of stationmaster at the site of the Shanghai dragon in misunderstanding

a, love Shanghai limited part of the word does not allow the 10 on the left, such as "(L-carnitine)", the word love Shanghai left 4 other promotion, the promotion all run to the right;

first, the number of keyword promotion difficult fallacy, many Shanghai dragon Er orders when there are customer habits, love to love Shanghai keyword search, think it is difficult to see the extension number, in fact, do not believe you can look at the "Hangzhou wedding photography price", the word of love Shanghai left extension 10, the optimization of the word love Shanghai very difficult? So say a word is the best is to look at the top ten websites, here I said why some words left no 10 promotion reasons: read more

Taobao BB cream website optimization Shanghai Longfeng case sharing

in these BB cream, what brand of BB cream is best? This shop recommended taobao贵族宝贝 best selling several BB cream, with MISSHA > mystery


xianlaiwushi, Taobao made a guest website, under the guidance of predecessors in Shanghai dragon BB cream, the website template online directly grilled, sorry buddy, I only can say, really sorry. OK, in the subject, website case. From the program of zblog, WordPress and other selection procedures, because I know only the incompetence of dream weaving products, so it used to weave a dream, in fact what procedures does not matter, mainly to see how to use. read more

Why our website will be K, then how to do

server to be punished

two, after the discovery site was K how to do

1. here to advise those who just started doing the webmaster, the site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is not ready in case of better not stand, because once you have been included in the site started to optimize the unsatisfactory and begin to change the site after these are on site adverse, click the search engine will not updated snapshot, included is not increased, even directly K your stand, but those high weight website relatively safer, so new sites do not just change the title of read more

The Shanghai dragon ER and the game of life

is in the case of coincidence, a game in my life no longer appeared second times the team appeared. To our real life, Shanghai Dragon into China from 2004 to now, but the seven year, the first batch of the Shanghai dragon is of course impossible because tired of this reality and left, their appearance is just like I said before the game like a veteran, firmly grasp the steering OK, if this is not true, if this is the game scene, maybe they will one day leave, no longer appear, since.

3. if we didn’t have a good command of the captain, usually, on the other side of a variety of hardware conditions far better than our circumstances we cannot defeat the opponent repeatedly. read more

With the noble baby Analytics tips website analysis and Shanghai Dragon

1. into your noble baby Analytics report page, open your website analysis report

$A1 page=$B3

topic a little pull away, back to the topic, setting for the landing page keywords, the noble baby Analytics, can be quite accurate, because the user is not going to lie, the more keyword tool, not as a real user access. Here I first secrecy, I say just how I set my noble baby Analytics my Shanghai dragon weapons back to explain why such operation.

4. "Save Changes" after the completion point, save the end. read more

The so-called love Shanghai weight really want to disappear

from the beginning of 2012, Shanghai love algorithm improvement, love Shanghai for more rigorous attention website of Shanghai and phoenix. Any website, need to better their products well, put your own content, to further study the user’s needs and habits, everything is in a user centric way to do optimization. Like some time ago love Shanghai time snapshot cancelled the show is a relatively large measure.

/ guardian Yuan Kun, Hubei network marketing consultant, real name network marketing people from the media. The public number: shyuankun0105, love Shanghai you will know me better. read more

Three aspects of the text in the keyword layout.

, the two key position

many people do not know exactly what keywords should be placed in the position of the article, some he is added, if carefully study the webmaster may find some of the more famous website content keyword layout is the rule, the first sentence of the first paragraph of the general contains keywords, the head weights in the whole article is the highest, so we can’t afford to waste such a good position. If you can, we are in the middle and end of the article as far as possible the appropriate keyword. read more